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Is my price too high?

Let’s take this gig as an example. It’s a responsive website with paralax animation and eye catching landing page. How much should I lower my price? I already lowered 20x the regular one just to get some reviews. Maybe I’m doing something wrong…

I think your price is already too low. I don’t know anything about web design but I do know that the company that designed mine charged thousands of dollars. Before you lower your price, you may want to consider changing some of the text to appeal to people who don’t understand web design. For example, I have no idea what parallax animation is so I’m not sure what that would do for me. Can you use more descriptive words to describe the benefit of that animation? I would also take out the text about having a low price to build up a portfolio. That indicates that you are new, even if you have experience. I like your first sentence a lot. Then I would list all of the benefits of your web design such as 1) 5 pages, 2) beautiful landing page, 3) animated design to keep your customer on page longer, 4) unique design, etc.

Thank you for your feedback. Normally I also charge that price for a website, but I thought it can be a good idea to offer a low price on fiverr to get some reviews. I will definitely change the presentation text.

I would suggest getting rid of or changing the wording on:

“1. You will get a unique website(no templates). If you will find a website that looks like yours I will refund you the money invested.”

because in the demo sites in your video you’re using Joomla!'s Brisk theme (voiceof…) and webdyo (

Using templates is fine, btw. You should be honest about it, though. I mean they’re not bad looking sites at all, but if it’s a wordpress site or a Joomla! or a Webdyo, state it.

Hope that helps,

I am not using templates. There is no joomla template, everything you see there is unique…and webydo is not a template… you should do some research before posting or read the source code better and google the terms that might look like a template to better understand how the website was built


Perhaps something is getting lost in translation or the forums here.

I’m actually quite familiar with web development. When you use CMS and drag and drop tools, which is what you’re using, your sites will all look somewhat similar. Similar does not mean bad. I was actually suggesting you remove the line to avoid negative reviews.

The first site is joomla. I don’t know why you’d bother denying it. It says joomla in your meta tags which I list below. I circled it in red. You seem to have deleted the reference to the brisk theme since I posted that was the theme you used. I don’t see why you would bother to if it was a legitimate theme license, though. As I said, there is nothing wrong with this and people do it all the time for clients.

Webydo, like joomla is a CMS w/templates.

I am not posting any further in this thread, as I think we will agree to disagree.

Cheers and best wishes in your business ventures,

that is not my website… I am not sure if I am allowed to post links, but the website I am talking about is not the one in the source code you presented…and I think, the reason why I am not involving my coders to build up a website from scratch, is quite obvious…this is fiverr after all…the prices are low…but at least my clients can get a website/logo without having copyright and license issues after they manage to grow their business…and I repeat for the last time: I am not using templates…