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Is my seller level down? Please help me quickly

My account is level one now. Unfortunately a one cheat buyer canceled his order and order complete level down to 89%. My next evolution is tomorrow. I need to know my seller level down to as new seller?


@sagadesigner yes if can complete other works then it will stay otherwise is a new seller

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Yes, you fiverr level will be down until your rating do not 90%. If you can complete 2-4 orders today then your rating can go to 90% for only 1 day.

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Hi @sagadesigner

You will only be demoted if your stats are lower than the minimum limit stablished by Fiverr. Being:

  • Response Rate = 90%
  • Order Completion Rate = 90%
  • On-time Delivery = 90%
  • Rating = 4.7

Go to your Analytic page and check all of them are green.