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Is my service unsatisfactory under it's conditions?

Hello, I just started here today. I spend a lot of time online giving relationship advice and decided to try doing it here. I don’t do webcam chats or voice chats. Only text chat. Will anyone pay for that? Someone bought my service today and I had to cancel it because they preferred we called instead. Does anyone have any insight on this? Thank you…

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I think people would like a video or voice chat to have more connection with you, so they know who they talk to and they can open-up more to you. If you don’t want a video or voice chat, you may upload a video to your gig, people will more likely understand it then and feel more connected to you and your service, they would trust you more, that’s just my little opinion:)

Thank you for your input :slight_smile:

I happen to lack the technology for this for the time being but I also have severe social anxiety and I work best over text chat. So I hope I can bring the same positive outcomes to the table here as I have in other places.

I know the problem with anxiety that’s why I’m doing intros as videos without me being on the videos :smiley:
I think the customers will come to you, sooner or later :slight_smile:

Then explain you only give advice through messages or chat as you call it in your gig description. That way you won’t get the wrong orders.