Is my video good enough?


Hello Fiverr users!

I read that it is very important to have a video. Since I am camera shy I made a few images about my gig (work samples and a few details about the gig) and I made them into a video using Windows Movie Maker. I am wondering if this enough for a buyer to want to order or should I at least add my voice to the videos explaining how and what I offer.

Thank you!



Hello there, Fiverr, Buyers and me :slight_smile: highly recommend that you have videos.

It doesn’t have to be you presenting your gig, you can view the video I created for my Fiverr Cover gig, it’s a simple video created from my actual gig image!

Using your voice as a voiceover is actually a great idea dn you should definitely go ahead and do that :slight_smile:


@thecreativeguys Yes, same here - videos just from images. Thank you for your response! I will try the voice-over on the next gigs.


I also have uploaded two videos for my two gigs…


I would recommend changing the music to something really soft and soothing.


it’ll be better for you gig to give you more and more orders, keep it on!!!


Reply to @anilgoyal: Very good. Goodluck to you!


Reply to @acrovyn: Thank you for the advice!