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Is my work late?


I submitted my work on time, but the seller has not accepted it, nor has he asked for revisions. Now in the app, where my orders are organized based on due dates, it has a section for “due in 48 hours”, “due in 24 hours” and now a “late” section, where this order is appearing, even though I submitted on time. Why is it showing as late even though I wasn’t?


Did you use the deliver button to deliver it with whatever attachment you sent? If so, it should show up in the Delivered column, not the late column.


Yes, I used the deliver button. That’s why I’m not sure why it’s showing as


Ok, it may be a glitch with the Android app. I was checking my orders via
app, where it appear “late”. But when I logged into my account via PC,
there’s nothing in the late category, and the status is complete. Whew.


Well, it definitely should not. If you did deliver it correctly there should be a “Deliver Again” button and you can try it. If that is not showing, then perhaps you accidentally delivered it in a message and you need to click Deliver. Either way, if it stays in the Late column you can contact Customer Support to ask what might be the problem.


Thanks. It’s definitely a glitch with the Android app, as I double check
again by logging in via PC and it is showing the status as “delivered”;
there’s nothing in the late category. Boy did that have me panic, though.
Thank you for taking the time to help me out!


You are welcome! Glad it is sorted.