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Is Name Matter In Fiverr


My User Name is SIR_OSA joined in fiverr 1 year ago and working here from 2 month . as i already select a username so i can’t change my username anymore. so my user name is sir_osa and full name is omar shafiq abir.
i completed 8 orders in february but didn’t getting orders this month is username matter in fiverr i got all 5 star in those orders but as my user name i put sir so that i am thinking it maybe hurting buyers ego .what can i do now?


Your username won’t make a blind bit of difference - you can’t change it without deleting your account and starting again anyway, so please just leave it!

Good luck!


I don’t think so username really matter in Fiverr.

If you want to change your username you have to deactivate your account first.Than you can open new account with a new E-mail address .Suddenly i also face this problem.


Ok lets see a month what you people think does user name matter? 1 said doesn’t matter what other think? and thanks for your suggestion mate :slight_smile:


If your username is ridiculous or silly, and you offer professional services, then yes, it might be a problem.

If your username indicates that you’re, say, a designer, and you only offer business copywriting, it might be confusing to buyers.

Other than that, I doubt that a username would cause you problems.

“Sir” in your username is unlikely to cause you problems; however, keep in mind not to call your buyers “Sir”, “Mam”, “bro”, “dear”, “buddy”, “man”… Unless you’re certain that it’s appropriate in their culture.


Thankyou for your suggestion that means i have no problem at all right? can keep this name ?


No, I don’t think so that username matters, But your profile description and profile pic matters a lot.


what should i use then?


Yes, you can keep the name.


Ok thank you man :slight_smile:


Advice, everyone…

Strict adherence to the advice…

LOL :grinning::joy:


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