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Is "No of Views" at Gig Stats working properly? :(


From a pretty long time all most all my gigs show the same number of views that were long time ago. Seems those are not being updated. I m doing a big advertising campaign, but not a single view increases!!! Is it same for you guys???

Or is there something wrong with me? Any tips? What things you do to increase your number of views? Thanks


same here, it seems that fiverr update the view count every month.




Yes it’s definitely not updated regularly. I have a gig or two with a view count of 0 that I’ve received orders on.


Great Help!!! I thought thats only for me.


Fiverr needs to bring and take this issue upfront. I really take view counts as an important matter that fiverr needs to announce and give eta on when it will be fixed. CS has replied to me that it is not updating properly a week ago.

It’s hurting the sellers that we cannot see and check the view counts, we will not be able to figure out how effective our keywords are, how good our promotion is, also how is our gig doing with our video and display pictures.


Got 4 order and done and when i see my gig stats its zero lol i thought this was happening with me only


I have asked CS about this issue as I have noticed it a few weeks back. Here’s their response, no explanation:

“Regarding view counters, at this time they are not updating properly so you won’t be seeing accurate information there. Sorry for this inconvenience.”