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Is not replying to a client during an active order part of the TOS

Is it right to get a warning for not replying to a buyer. I always stay up to date with the TOS but I dont really see why one can get a warning for not responding to a client during an order over a period of time.

Can anyone show under which section this applies?
Many thanks


You did not get a warning, just a remainder. And we all ignore those.

I know what I got marinapomorac. Was working on the order, delivered several times after a never ending stream of changes and requests, got sick of the client and stop responding. Next thing TOS warning

In that case you know that we need more information, screenshot, something, what is warning about, what does it say?

Sorry to be a bit off topic but from 15k complete orders I think that you should have more than 1200 reviews… I might be wrong but it’s just an opinion… You have your account from July 2019…

Perhaps they complained that you are not answering anymore… I would be upset too if my seller was ignoring me…


I have been on fiverr way longer than this. Lost my account last year and started a new one.

Its not about being upset, its about the rules. Is it part of the TOS

it’a also about common sense… if a buyer has questions or if he requests something even outside the scope of the order… a seller should communicate and explain the situation … ignoring a buyer is not a solution even if he is not following the terms of your gig… nothing good can come from this , especially if the buyer reports you because he’s upset that you’re not responding . That’s only my opinion … Another way to solve this is to contact support if you don’t want to communicate with the buyer for…whatever reason you have.

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I don’t think there’s a specific rule. It says “Communication on Fiverr should be friendly, constructive, and professional.”. Maybe they think lack of communication isn’t being professional. You could ask CS what specific rule from the TOS it broke though.

Please kindly stay on topic. I didnt ask you to tell me if not responding to a client was wrong or right asking if its part of the TOS or not.

Why is a seller with so much experience on the platform even offering any service with unlimited revisions? Did that particular client also purchase your premium package with that feature?

Well said thanks man

Alright,good luck then .

I have been considering this unlimited thing. I provide quality work, so modifications rarely surpass 5. The modifications usually requested are mostly changes in sentences. Most buyers find it had to provide a decent copy. Has anyone else noticed that users can still request mods even when they are out of requests?

Also the buyer can choose to cancel when he cant make mods anymore. Not afraid of unlimited revisions, but the buyer should be smart enough not to abuse it

Revision requests are completely unrestricted. Even if offering no revisions whatsoever, that does not stop buyer’s from submitting revision requests. However, that does not mean all buyer revision requests are valid and must be acted upon.

The main reason to clearly define and limit revisions is to cover your own back and to have a line in the sand that, if pushed into, you request further payment for further work, and also to have defined gig expectations in case the buyer tries to cancel the order.

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Buyers are hard as nuts these days. Sometimes you just have to agree or they threaten you with cancelling the order. Buyers know that this affect the sellers stats and use this a weapon to force sellers to do more than they bargained for.

But thats beside the point.

Predatory buyers are indeed a reality.

In such cases, the options range from toiling away for free in a bleak attempt to appease the client, agree to cancelling the order and taking an algorithm and completion stat hit, or stand up to them and say you’ve delivered what the gig promised and play revision tennis with them in an attempt to get your payment, but almost assuredly getting a 1 star review…


This cracked me up. lol
I always let the client know when the get a toe out of line, if its not asking too much I will just do it, rather than cause a scene, but I will definitely let them know its not right.

Lets get back on track here people?
Is not replying to a client officially a TOS or not?