Is Nothing Sacred on Fiverr?


I write novels and short stories and don’t usually mind writing erotica content. There is very little I won’t write but I was deeply troubled when I was contacted to write an erotica novella this morning. First, the individual spelled out to me it’s for his own pleasure and I didn’t care what he wanted to do with it. Really, it’s his business. But then he revealed the content he wanted written. Sexually explicit content involving a minor of 11 year old and a male of 40 years old. It was an obvious no for me but then I wondered, is that it? A no and then I move on for him to find someone else to write this sick content? Does fiverr have any policy that would be against this? I can’t help seeing it as child pornography and should be banned.
It’s made me extremely sad today as I thought about it. I hated posting this all day because it didn’t sit well with me at all but I wanted to know if this would be considered violation of terms of services or some such?


It’s not a violation of terms of service but it certainly is repulsive. You did all you can do about it. Hopefully no one will do it for him. If you spend enough time on the internet you can run into all kinds of bad things.


Yeah, unfortunately I think it falls into the same camp as academic work. Fiverr probably wouldn’t allow it if they knew, but if someone wants it written and it slips through the system then there’s nothing to stop it happening.

I’m sorry you had to experience that.


Worse is that this is the second time it’s happening. Two different customers.


Another thing is that if you wrote it and gave it to him it might be illegal content. I’m not a lawyer but no one should ever do anything like this from a legal standpoint.

I think you should take a screenshot of what he asked for and send it to customer support. Tell them he is asking for something that is highly illegal.


Here is what is written in TOS:
Adult Services & Pornography - Fiverr does not allow any exchange of adult oriented or pornographic materials and services.

I think that he is violating TOS.

If I were you I would send a copy of his demand to CS.
We really don’t know what this guy will do tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Let’s hope he only likes those readings but… let’s imagine what he could do when the readings won’t be enough for him…

If I were you, I would contact CS (and Fiverr will decide what to do with this guy).
How will you feel if one day you hear in the media that a pervert has abused a 11 year old child ?
I prefer doing “too much” than “not enough”!


I kept thinking that having sexually explicit content of that nature like he wanted is illegal and punishable by law. It is, isn’t it?


I don’t know where you live and I don’t know where this buyer lives. Each country have different laws!
In my country, anyone who have pedopornographic content (a picture, a book, a film) could be punished of : 2 years in jail + approximately 37000$. And those who do not denounce the perverts can be punished too.


It’s something that has been resting on my mind a lot since the order came in this morning. I guess I will let fiverr handle it. At least I would have done my part.


Yes, you can’t do more than informing Fiverr.