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Is offering blog comments as a gig not allowed in Fiverr?

Hi guys,
My name is Prem and i am new to Fiverr gig. I saw many active Fiverr gigs that offers services to publish blog comments. I was interested and i set up my gig for the same service but i was denied twice saying i violated the TOS. I read the TOS but it did not specifically say that i cannot offer such services.
So, i am wondering this type of gig is allowed?
Also, will i get suspended is i get denied the 3rd time?

Thank you in advance for your response.


You were lucky not to get banned for being denied twice for the same thing.

Yes. You’re lucky not to be banned already.

Blog comments are often just spam (advertising this or that), and blog owners hate that kind of spam. You’d have to be able to prove to Fiverr’s Customer Support that you have the permission from each and every blog owner to post those comments, advertising whatever your clients are selling, on their blogs.


If fiverr denies your gig, why would you keep putting it up again? People get banned for that.


Please do not put this gig again.

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The formatting of your gig is definitely the issue, or what you’re promising or have delivered. Doing a quick search into this “blog commenting” gig, I understand the confusion as to why you’re being denied while other sellers are not. Look at what they’re promising, and compare it to yourself to see the differences.


Not just the formatting. It’s also unethical to pose as a company in blog comments, plus usually people who do that are just spamming.


I just had my gig removed and I’ve had numerous happy customers. I’ve found dozens of gigs just like mine and they are still active. I was offering comments on the buyer’s own website or blog, comments in my own words on the topic of the article. I don’t see how that shouldn’t be allowed if it’s the person’s personal website. I can’t get a straight answer from support. And when I have posted here before, I just get attacked, so I feel your pain man.


Why would this be allowed? It’s so unethical.

You can’t pretend to be someone else in a comment and be paid to present someone else’s opinion and voice. That is bias and it also misleads people. When people get a response to their comment, it shouldn’t be from someone who is pretending to be the person or company. It should be from the company. You can’t ghostwrite personally written comments. If someone leaves a comment, they don’t want to be tricked into thinking the person they are writing to is the one responding if it is somone else hired to pretend to be that person.

Read the ToS and learn why deception is wrong.

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When did I say I was pretending to be someone else?

So from me as a person, my true identity- I’m not allowed to leave an honest comment on someone’s blog if they want one? How is that unethical…

I’m responding to the initial comment.

Also, what you’re describing IS unethical. You can’t be paid to make an honest opinion. That’s bias. It doesn’t matter if it is your true opinion. You are being paid to express it. Bias is bias and it is very unethical to not disclose bias.

Comments are supposed to be organic, anyway. That is why they are valuable to other people who read them.

Well, regardless, there are dozens of commenting gigs on fiverr currently, some with over 800 orders and counting. It’s not fair that they get to violate the terms and fiverr obviously turns a blind eye. I even sent them some links of other commenting gigs and reported some, yet they still stay.

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Please brother! Don’t try to upload this kind’s of gigs again. You were lucky that you didn’t get BAN even after suspended your gig for 3 times. Be careful.