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Is old sellers are getting any orders?

Fiverr is ignoring his old sellers i don’t know why its happening. Fiverr should support the sellers that are are on this platform since long time. Even the sellers with Level 2 is not getting any job for a long time. If someone have a solution for it must share… Thanks

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Level1 seller here facing the same issue. Looking forward for the solutions.

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Maybe this can help:


I turned 69 when it was my birthday this week, so I would wager I am one Fiverr’s “old sellers” :older_woman:t2: :thinking:

But joking aside, I joined Fiverr in 2017 as you did. I see that you, too, have been successful up to now. However, I do not feel that Fiverr has forgotten me as I continue to get orders daily. :slightly_smiling_face: True, it has been slower in the last two months, but I DO continue to get orders from both repeat and new buyers.

However, when I searched for business card design, I found 24,136 gigs were offering that service, and 19,513 of them are level 0 sellers. Maybe the issue is not that Fiverr is “ignoring his old sellers” so much as the amount of competition from the new level 0 sellers. :thinking:


Please hear that you stand for your success if you want to get daily work go work some design studio why you become a freelancer? I don’t understand what makes you think like that

What kind of support do you think Fiverr should provide?


This only means that the marketplace is changing and you need to adapt.

If you also take into account the universal threat that is Covid-19 then action is even more necessary on your part.

You are in the wrong thinking space right now if you are looking for something/someone to blame.


🙋 I don’t know when exactly your birthday. But :hugs: :tada:Many Happy Return Of The Day Ma’am!:tada: