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Is one star rating will affect sales?


I recently got a 1-star rating ( i only got 3 reviews so far ) but I’m afraid that my 1-star rating will make my sales drop or something. what do you think ??


forget about one star rating. do your best next time. you lightly need some five star ratings.


Think of ways to get guaranteed 5 star ratings. Be creative. You can do it!


Try to stay positive and continue to doing hard work.


Try not to be too demoralised. On to the next order where a new challenge and a new opportunity for a five star rating await!


Figure out what you did to earn yourself that one star rating and don’t do it again.


Yes, it will affect your sales. It’s not common to find sellers with less than around 5 star reviews- so if the choice is between someone with 5 stars and someone with 4 stars for the same price, people will go with the 5 star seller.

In other words- you need to offer something that distinguishes yourself from other sellers, that will mitigate your lower rating. This could be by offering discounts to returning clients, or lowering your prices, or throwing in extras for free. You will need to entice people to go with you by offering them something that others don’t.


It will effect in your upcoming sales. No worries hardworking is the best solution


Don’t get discouraged. Just keep going!