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Is opening multiple gigs on the same topic helpful to find more buyer requests?

I’ve seen many sellers open multiple gigs on the same category even though only one of them are getting reviews and other ones are just sitting there. What is the purpose of this?? Will it increase impressions or something??

Maybe they opened all the gigs on the same time, not knowing wich on would work out the best?


Maybe for some. But I’ve seen some sellers opening one after another and they have multiple gigs with same tags but different titles. I’ve also heard it raises impression of the gigs. Is it true?

Maybe… i haven’t heard that. But you could try it maybe?:smirk:

Yeah I’m thinking about that now. Atleast, it won’t hurt :wink:
Thanx for your reply btw!

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Maybe I’ll try it aswell :+1::hugs:

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hahaha. Best of luck!! :smile:

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