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Is order cancellation contributing to my declining sales

I was on vacation for 4 months, came back and started to work again. Once I get one order and complete it, I would always get one or two order immediately following that order. Due to personal reasons I cancelled two orders, since then I haven’t received a single order. So, I completed one order, got two more immediately from different buyers, and after cancelling them I haven’t got one for month. Does it have anything to do with the cancellations I made? Thanks in advance

I am wondering the same thing. It’s like if they’re watching… lol

I don’t think mutual cancellation if affecting that…the vacation mode permanently disabled all your gig from search mode and after you reactive all your gig it may take some time to recover that views…so i think that is affecting your order…you have to keep the patience now and do advertising as much as you can…Things will get better…

I think mutual cancellations do affect sales. I got a quarterly update where my success person from Fiverr said that my only having cancelled 2 orders was good for the category I work in. In this case, yes, they are watching and cancellations are something they definitely keep an eye on (even mutual cancellations).

This annoys me as by doing this Fiverr is saying that sellers should complete orders no matter what. However, for me, that is not an option. I value my time too much. If a seller orders a $5 gig and expects a full explainer video and won’t pay more, that’s their problem, not mine. In fact, I’ve cancelled three orders just this week.

The good news is that sales will usually bounce back. You just have to be patient and work a little harder to please the people who do order from you in the meantime.

From my own exerience and what I learnet from fiverr mutual cnacelations does not affect you. Unless fiverr cancells them or you or your buyer request cancellation and it is cancelled automatically in 2 days without the other party agreeing to cancell it will not have any effect. I just got back from vacation mode of 2 weeks because of my exam. My gigs are relisted where it was in serach list. But I am having no requetsts yet. I am not worried ususally it takes few days to recover and go back to the normal stage. Just think of it as your fiverr account is still recovering from your vacation mode and give it some time. But in the mean time send out some offers to buyer requeststs. That will bring traffic into your page and get you some sales.

I agree. Some buyers without reading the job description order and expect a mountain for a dime. When you specifically mention about the service in the gig and offer extra. However I doubt about the mutual agreement as I inquired from support they said mutual cancellations will not have a bad effect. As you can see from my reply below.

I have a question. I remember reading that vacation mode is limited to something like 20 days…? Is this true, or not? If it is, did you take a 4 month vacation by resetting the vacation mode every 29 days?