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Is order dispute bad for seller?

i have done my 50% work but the buyer created a order dispute , what should i do know ? should i accept the order dispute and let my time be wasted for her work ? what if i accept the order dispute and will it effect my reputation ? after cancellation of this order , will fiverr ask the buyer to review my gig? i need help.


All cancellations affect sellers, whether it’s their fault or not :neutral_face:

I’ve heard that buyers can leave private feedback to Fiverr about the order even after cancellation, which will not be shown on your profile, but it will be sent to Fiverr directly.

I wouldn’t accept if I already did the work or part of it - time is money, I’ve invested time and effort, it’s not my problem that the buyer found someone else in the meantime, for example (in this particular example the buyer would be responsible for not doing enough research before placing an order)

By the way: why did your buyer open a dispute? What reason did they give you for wanting to cancel?


If you don’t cancel, they may leave a bad review which will stay on your profile forever! That will cause more problems than just simply cancel the order.

Just cancel it and let it go, this is part of working on fiverr I guess


Not necessarily - if a seller has more cancellations than negative reviews, another cancellation would have a bigger impact than a negative review, for example, in which case it would be preferable to take the negative review. Only the seller should decide which are more, and thus which would have a bigger impact.

More so, cancelling to avoid a negative is not the Fiverr way, and Fiverr doesn’t allow this move anymore.


the buyers says that i didnot done accordingly , i am a wix designer and he/she was asking me about to edit a image and then place it on the website page background, i am really worried as i have 5 reviews only on my profile. should i accept the dispute or should i fight for my right and get a bad review ? what will you do?

i have 5 reviews on my profile, should i go to cancel the order or should i fight for it and get a bad review on order of 110$ ?

You have 5 reviews, if she roast you in this you rating will go down and you may not get any orders again. Keep that in mind :slight_smile:

i am negotiating with her rightnow , hoping that she will understand it and we will end this on good terms, i have decline the dispute.

As u have mentioned this. I am facing the same problem right now. I fulfilled my whole work and submitted on time did the revisions yet the buyer asked me for a refund. I declined it. The older me would have feared for my life and accepted the cancellation. But now I would rather take the risk of bad rating. I have done complete justice to my work. And I have nothing to feel guilty about. I would rather Give my side of the story in the reply of the review. In case potential buyers see it in future and judge me on it.

And at times when I do feel tensed regarding such situation I would rant it out in the Fiverr forum.Like I am doing right now. Lol

But that’s how I would deal with it. You do you!

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