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Is outsourcing allowed on fiverr for sellers?

Hello everyone, So i have created topic as i was not sure about the rules in that criteria.So i have seen many sellers do outsource their work, mostly Top rated sellers.i mean its obvious that they are having 300-400 orders in queue while delivery time in their gig is like 2 days so obviously they are not doing it themselves.Also i do not see that is okay, as so many other sellers are sitting in front of computer 12 hours or more and waiting for order while only few are having most of the work.i am not against TRS but what i am saying is shouldn’t it be like some limits in orders for them too?like they get only how much they can do themselves and not outsource.That might help even new people and talent here to get work , right ? As long as i know Fiverr is for individual freelancers who can work from anywhere and now i after seeing their orders in queue i can only imagine two possibilities.

  1. Either they outsource most of the work on fiverr or somewhere else
  2. They are running a company and hire a lot of people and enjoying the cream.

So do you think its legal or Fiverr is okay with that? and do you think its fair for other sellers? because i am reading like tons of post everyday here that they are new seller or even rated sellers are not getting work at all. Again i know they have worked hard to be TRS and i respect that, but somehow i find it hard to believe that they are completing 200 or 300 task everyday themselves. what’s your opinion on it?


Why would it be bad to outsource their work if they still can keep it up to a standard?

Nowhere in fiverr rules said that you can not outsource. While it might seem unethical and kind of cheating buyers I don’t see why fiverr should limit amount of their orders in queue.

Fiverr is the same freelance/business platform and there is nothing wrong with having a business mindset and hiring other people to do some extra tasks for you.

My advice actually will be to stop looking at others and how much money they make. You still don’t know how much work goes into outsourcing and communicating and coordinating between each sellers and buyers on both sides.

People should worry only about their gig and how they will make money not how others make their money. And most of those who come here on the forum and complain about not having orders has quite a low quality gigs, and that’s the main reason of them not being able to compete with others.


I think for anyone with 300-400 orders in the queue and a delivery time of 2 days, the “running a company and hire a lot of people” option is the most likely (where they’re not all on Fiverr. Maybe only 1 person or very few is on Fiverr).

I think the TOS would have the answer to if it’s allowed and it doesn’t disallow it as far as I can see. Though I don’t think Fiverr is properly set up for outsourcing to other Fiverr sellers. The Fiverr Studio(s) is more set up for multiple people working on an order but I don’t think it allows 2 people to work on the same service, and it’s only in beta/available to only a few people I think. There was another thread where they discussed that it might not be good if Fiverr Pros are outsourcing their orders to much cheaper sellers who may be unverified etc. (it might increase risks etc. eg. of copyright infringement).


They have done alot of work and effort in past to grab 300-400 order a day, they would have been working here from 5 to 6 years and even more, so my sugesstion to you is work hard to succeed.
and understand fiverr no other option to succeed here.
No hard feelings


Okay so those people who think i did create this topic because i am not getting work ,please read whole post carefully. i said i do not know about rules and i asked for opinions.And it was for knowledge and nothing else. i am not worrying or caring for other people’s gigs and i knew when i joined fiverr that i have to give quality work and work hard here.i know that really well and i am not here complaining but i was here for opinions and knowledge about rule in that particular criteria and i suggest you to read the whole post again with calm mind. i am happy if you are having great amount of orders and and earning good and i do not care about that at all.When i was about to join Fiverr , i read that it is a platform for individual persons and people who can work from anywhere,but i saw a bit different picture and that’s why i thought i should ask here as i believed there are some people here who are here from long time and have a great knowledge about rules.Thank you.

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You’re making too many assumptions.

Top Rated Sellers put their reputation on the line with every delivery, they do not want bad reviews which could lead to level demotions. The 60 day level system can be very cruel.

Also, some TRS’s are actually advertising agencies or graphic design firms, so there might be 5 to 10 people, maybe more doing the projects.

Besides, outsourcing is time consuming, and requires a seller to manage both the buyer and the outsourced freelancer, which would make 3-day deliveries very difficult.

Either way, you don’t know how many jobs they’re delivery every day, how many have already been delivered, which jobs have been marked as complete, etc. The queue only goes down after an order is marked as complete by the buyer or 3 days pass after an order is delivered.

In the end, I wouldn’t worry too much about what others are doing. Remember that you don’t know the whole story, it might take you 5 hours to create a logo, someone else might be doing that in 15 minutes.


Fiverr is fine with it. You can even argue that it is the way some people become TRS sellers.

Fiverr likes sellers with high order volumes who can turn round orders quickly. The only way to do that is by outsourcing. As for whether it is legally or ethically right to outsource, I’d say no.

From a legal perspective, Fiverr should let buyers know that a project may be outsourced. This is the only way I can see that Fiverr won’t risk getting into trouble on GDPR and data protection grounds.

i.e. If you are an EU business using Fiverr, you probably don’t imagine that identifiable information about you or your business will get shared among sellers or even freelancers off-Fiverr who you don’t actually have a working relationship with. (At least not one you know about.)

Sadly, there isn’t really a way to police this behavior. In this case, you might want to go the "if you can’t beat them. join them" route. - It is tempting and apparently, very lucrative.


This is a contradictory statement.

Whatever they are doing has no effect on you and your business. Why not try to achieve some success yourself so you won’t need to envy others and publicly state they are up to something bad?
Or make suggestions they have their orders limited?

I don’t know how much time other TRS put into fiverr but this work on fiverr comprises all my time, every day, and half of each night, for years. And we experience slumps in sales too like other sellers.


Why would it have no effect on her or her business? Surely competitors, especially those with hundreds of orders in the queue with short delivery times are going to have an affect on the business of other sellers. If there was a limit on orders in the queue of if companies/teams weren’t allowed to work under 1 Fiverr profile (I’m not saying there should be a limit), obviously more orders would likely go to other Fiverr sellers which would have an affect on those other Fiverr sellers’ businesses.


@uk1000 So you think if a seller doesn’t get enough sales to suit them other more successful and able sellers should be penalized?

And if a seller is not successful it must be the fault of the successful ones getting all the business?

Why not just limit all sales to all the sellers no one wants to hire?

Sales can only go to sellers who can’t do a good job?


No but maybe Fiverr should clarify rules on outsourcing/teams, and maybe make it clearer to buyers if some thing (or all of a project) may be outsourced, as has been suggested. Maybe there could be limits on outsourcing done by Fiverr Pros as has been suggested (the whole point of Fiverr pro is "verified, hand-picked, quality sellers and if they are outsourcing to unverified sellers there could be issues).


Why not just pay attention to your own business on fiverr instead of looking around at others and wishing they would stop getting sales?

I have news for people. If you don’t get sales it’s your own fault.


Is that to me? Where did I say that I wished that?

You suggested limiting the orders of others just now.


This is what I said a few posts up:

I did say there could be limits on outsourcing by Fiverr Pros (those with that badge) because the whole point of Fiverr Pros is verified sellers. That you are hiring a verified seller. For the Fiverr Pro to then outsource to another seller who isn’t verified would be against the whole point of Fiver pro and may lead to legal problems (buyers given copyright infringing work, buyers getting their work infringed etc., privacy violations/fraud etc.).

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How is this an argument now. Just pay attention to your own work and your own business. Wanting to block the sales of other sellers is not the answer to your problems. And that includes worrying about other sellers doing outsourcing.


It is good practice to research your competitors. If you notice that some are outsourcing, it is more than reasonable to want to know if this is legal/inline with TOS. If it is, it is something a seller might also want to look into. If it is not, it would be something that sellers would avoid.

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I just don’t see the rewards of wondering about these things. It’s a way to blame others for your own disappointments, nothing else.

I know this is hard to accept, or apparently impossible.


I see we are already at the point where logical replies just get “stop hating TRS” responses.

As I already stated:

Where exactly does this statement go into blaming others? The OP asked a fair question.


How does it affect you if others do outsourcing? Is this some kind of harm being done to you?