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Is outsourcing allowed on fiverr for sellers?

It affects me because I want to know if it is legal so I can do it too!

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Apparently it is legal. Ask customer support if you aren’t sure.

Or if it’s not and you got an order from a seller you don’t like who outsourced it, ask customer support about that.


Well, that’s what the OP wanted to know. Case closed.

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The OP wants to limit how many orders a TRS can get.

Is seems that some newer sellers are thinking that if only the more established sellers have their sales limited, they would get more sales.


i read it and even with cool mind:grinning:
i understand your frustration, don’t get jealous by them, I believe you should have to think before you type these contradictory statements
have fun

Thank you so much for your assistance

It seems like only You read whole topic and then replied, others did only read what they wanted to.i really appreciate for your replies.i even commented later that i am not jealous just because they are getting good sales and i am not.i knew when i joined this platform that it is gonna be hard for me and i am okay with that.surely if i work hard and i deserve something,sooner or later i am gonna get it.its just i had few questions in mind and i thought this might be a good place to know but after seeing some replies i think i should not have done it. so i did talk about people who are having 300-400 orders in queue so i was thinking this might increase the risk of copyright issues and surely fiverr would not be happy about it.Also imagine someone who has created gig for Logo design but that person don’t even know designing,he just take orders and pass the work to somewhere else and get the all praises for work which he/she doesn’t even know how to do that.Also imagine someone have 300 orders in queue and 2 days is the delivery time,now if you count the time which they could hardly give to a task would be like 15 min?So imagine the quality of the task which was created in 15 min or 30 min.i mean there could be many possibilities like i was hoping that kind of discussion but things went wrong and i did even clarify in the comments above that i am not jealous but i was new and i thought i should ask here as many peoples are here from long time but things went wrong.again thank you so much to at least to understand my point and replying after reading my whole point.


Naaah, one thing is asking if it’s legal or not and a different thing proposing to limit orders for more successful sellers. So I don’t believe in this good Samaritan thing wanting to bring fairness to the world by hurting competitors covering it with good omens.

That’s not for us to judge.
That’s up to their buyers to rate their experience. (The key word: EXPERIENCE) and of course if those sellers made it all the way to TRS with subcontracting work that means that their buyers are fully satisfied.

But shortly answering your question if you still insist in that: no it’s not forbidden with fiverr TOS to subcontract work on fiverr for now.

Discussions can go any way not only the way that you want and people might disagree with your point of view which is normal.


look, i am not 8 year old who believes Fiverr will work how i say. i know just because i post here something,Fiverr will not gonna act on that. I opened the topic because i wanted opinions so relax, Fiverr is not gonna put limits on order just because i opened topic. You do not need to feel that way how you are commenting. I said before and i am gonna say it again that i did not know about something and i thought this was the right place to know about it,now if you do not want to believe,your choice.

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I created a new job and selected a seller with very good rating for it.

I was surprised to see the poor quality of the job he has done for me. I already reviewed it 3-4 times and still cannot accept it.

After some digging into his recent reviews I found out he was actually outsourcing the job I gave him to other fiverr user! I’ve contact that user directly and he confirmed it.

I requested to cancel the job but the seller keeps declining my request. The job he has done is really very poor and he already made me waste so much time reviewing his work.

Do you have any advice on this situation for me? Any other platform similar to Fiverr that I could use maybe? Thanks!

The job he has done is really very poor

This technically isn’t a reason for cancellation under Fiverr TOS. Sorry the seller has wasted your time, though.

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When I say poor that means I cannot use it. In my case it’s about the leads he had to gather. And he did deliver a list of SPA (leads), except that most of them are adult services not normal SPAs!

This, you might be able to report on, or have grounds for cancellation. MAYBE.
Adult-oriented services are against the TOS.

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I’ve had issues with a buyer who dubbed my work “unusable” not over quality but content. I provided 3 free revisions and followed their direction exactly. They still weren’t satisfied and requested cancellation 173 times before finally yielding and leaving me a one star review when CS told them that the order wasn’t eligible for cancellation. The seller is entitled to funds for work done, no matter the quality per Fiverr TOS:

Just because you dub something unusable doesn’t make it so.

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