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🚨 IS PANDEMIC OVER? here are some more tips!

I am happy to share with you my ‘‘golden advice’’ to surpass PANDEMIC and get ready for the next UPCOMING Fiversr SALLES BULLRUN !!
1- for those who are new to the platform, Fiverr is now requiring you learn more SKILLS . Recommendations :+1: for you check ( recommended are skills that are from the same niche ) so you are getting your expertise in one NICHE and be perceived as an EXPERT

2- reconsider better ranking your gigs by following my general rules for ranking ( no need to check some ADVANCED SEO technics ) as Fiverr algorithm proven to be one of the most ‘‘status based one’’ ( wish will require you just deliver and deliver )

3- use other platforms to attract more clients so you gig/gigs will NOT DEMARGINIZE in search, the recommendation here is seeking clients out of social media this is how to attract new client from Facebook: 🙅 HOW to SEEK NEW CLIENTS FROM SOCIAL MEDIA

4- comment and comment in the forms and reache out to older higher grade Fiverr sellers and avoid ‘‘NON-SUBMISSIVE’’ top-rated sellers ( they have too much work on :stuck_out_tongue: ) >> we are happy to share our experience with you

5- order gigs from another seller who could help you improve your gigs :

  • a - GET Copyrighted version to your description that is compelling and personal
  • b - GET Infographics for a more COMPELLING gig thumbnail as this is one is KEY to having more clicks and impressions

thanks :cowboy_hat_face:


If you mean to message them on the main site and ask for advice, that’s spam (and a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service).


Not sure if I understand this golden advice. Can you explain a bit?

Well, I do not understand others as well to be honest.

How exactly Gig thumbnail influences impressions?


There are just a few people on Earth who know how the algorithm works. These are Fiverr architects and coders. Pros and TRS might have better insight but certainly don´t have full picture as well.


None of the above are actual tips.

Most of your points are not even making sense.

Instead of countering point-by-point, here’s a TLDR version:

Fiverr doesn’t require for people to learn new skills, or to become experts at something.

The algorithm won’t boost you if you deliver orders.

Commenting on the forum, without adding value, is noise.

Contacting sellers on the platform, asking for advice, will get you banned eventually.


Very helpful information. Thank you very much… :heart: :heart:

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your welcome @sufi3546

May I ask what it is you found particularly helpful?

What are you going to implement out of the OP’s tips list?


Have you noticed that the OP responded only to the post he liked? :smile_cat:


I wasn’t surprised by that in the slightest to be honest. :slight_smile:

But I am truly curious about the seller who replied with the heart emojis, I really want to hear their POV.


You mean, why they’re only posting “very helpful information, thank you” or “welcome to Fiverr, best of luck”? :smiley_cat:


I hope you are doing well.

Happy Earning!

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New Sellers: Posting randomly all over the forum will not get you sales!

Take your “golden advice” advice from the post by @frank_d


It looks like a plot to try and boost sales by creating multiple forum threads that will, in theory, generate tons of comments.

I’ve seen someone else using the same technique in March, down to namedropping the pandemic and the virus in the title in all caps. But heck, if it really works for you, OP, have my comment as well. Let’s make it happen.


What does that mean? Am I a submissive top rated seller or a non-submissive top rated seller? Quite confused.

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you are non-submissive and obliviant right at the moment okay?

I don’t know what obliviant means. The dictionary doesn’t know either.

I still don’t get what you mean by non-submissive in this context. What am I not submitting to, or what should I be submitting to?


This is about to start sounding like a 50 Shades fanfic with all that talk about submissive…


Why would anyone want to be submissive, I honestly don’t get it.

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didnt think i would get a laugh from the fiverr forms today :rofl:

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I’m with @lenasemenkova.

Best assessment of the OP I’ve seen in this thread.

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