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🚨 IS PANDEMIC OVER? here are some more tips!

Is your name supposed to be DESIGNheros? Anyways, besides the possible misspelling, I would say 100% of your “tips” are inaccurate and could get people banned from the platform if they were to look for what you call “non submissive” (whatever the heck that is) TRS to pester about how to get a sale OR to ask them for their “overload” to help them.

An Aggressive Level 2 Seller


Thanks for sharing this tropic

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Very helpful information. Thanks…

Very bad information.

Thank you.


Bruuuh, I need a good laugh today and this thread is making me laugh so much! :joy: :rofl:

your welcome !! @ mehedi_shawon

your welcome @archteriorbd !!

Hi, I wonder if these are not random automatic messages, made by software like imacros?


I’m not sure. They do look like bot posts.


I just resurfaced after a 2-hour dive into the top 3 blackhat forums.

I have to say: the amount of bots and automated software out there specifically for Fiverr sellers is overwhelming.

I had no idea that this was actually a thing.

Hundreds of threads about reviews exchange, $10 bots that keep your account online and auto-respond.

My point is, I wouldn’t be surprised if all these nonsensical replies are from bots or scripts.


I have to say, a year ago, I nearly fell into that hole to generate more sales, but I thought I would rather die a hero than live long to become the villain. I knew this “technique” is pointless and against the rules.

Sellers should learn to be a user before being a seller, I did learn that the hard way.


Firstly this is not an attack on the OP, merely an opinion on their word-choice.

Maybe ‘non-submissive’ is suppose to mean non-conforming. Herd mentality, ‘get-in-line’, go with the flow, and all that. Though ‘non-submissive TSR’ seems like an oxymoron, as most TSR got there (or at least stayed there) by doing or being something different, and the Pros are suppose to be even more exceptional.

I’m not a TSR, but I’ll stick with being non-submissive to other sellers, and submit only to the rules put in place by the platform itself. (Even Walmart, for all its reputation, has a limit for how much they’ll tolerate before they’ll kick someone out of a store.)

Note to the OP:

Okay, this part is an opinion of the OP, but on their behavior, not their person. OP, if you can’t handle polite-but-firm constructive criticism intended to help you consider your actions and how that is hindering you, kindly stop now. You won’t like this truth.

Lastly, on the OP ‘ignoring’ some posts, it’s entirely likely that they’re using the ‘Mute’ option, which is well within their forum rights, though it’s narrow-minded.

People cannot grow personally, in a positive, way without change, without conflict of opinions. People cannot grow socially without acknowledging that rules are in place for a reason and submitting to them.

If you cannot accept the boundaries of the platform, then why would anyone expect you to accept or respect personal boundaries?

Your feelings do matter and sometimes people can’t help their emotions, but reactions to your feelings are your responsibility. In the same way, my feelings and action are mine, and not your responsibility. When you react to conflict with aggressiveness, you tend to alienate people who would otherwise be willing to help.

You don’t seem to have a problem saying ‘no’, but you do need to work through your reaction to hearing ‘no’ said to you.

I say the following with the intention of attempting to help you become a better person: Talk with a vetted counselor about hostility against boundaries.

If this post is flagged, after the precautions used to spell-out it’s intent, then, sadly, you’re proving me right.


Ah yes. I see the “:fire: :fire: :fire: WINNING REQUEST PROPOSAL ! pls do not copy”
topic creator is back with another winner of a topic…