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Is payment done prior to workdone

Will a buyer have to pay first before the work is done ? Or will work commence before payment is done and then delivered after payment?


Your answer can be found in the Fiverr Terms of Service, which you should have already read.


Your answer is very easy.
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You have to pay prior to work done, but the good news is your money will be with fiverr, only be given to seller if your satisfied with his/her work.

When a buyer order you they have to pay the order price to Fiverr and after 14 days of your order completion the fiver will deposit the amount to your personal balance.

Do you mean that buyer can not place the order before paying the price to fiverr ?plz tell

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Yes. The buyer pays immediately to Fiverr and Fiverr pays you 14 days later.


thank you so much
please tell me that every payment is done in 14 days?

It depends on situation but in most cases.

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Ok thanks a lot for your concern