Is Payoneer Safe?


I plan to sell here but My friend said payoneer not safe becouse they removed his 2500 Usd without any reason ,even money was transferred from google pay account,they didnt send him message about that Process,do you suggest use payoneer here for withdraw?


Use paypal :slight_smile: , it’s much safer


If you can, use Paypal. If you’re from one of those “lucky” countries who can’t do that, Payoneer is better than nothing and the horror stories like the one from your friend are relatively rare.


If you follow Payoneer’s terms than it’s safe for Fiverr withdraw. I’m using Payoneer for my Fiverr for last 3 year, I never had any issue.


I have been using Payoneer for at least 4 years now.

Never broke ToS, never had any issues.

There are thousands of horror stories from Fiverr sellers about selling here as well.

A huge percentage of them have shady details.

Follow ToS and you should be fine.


use paypal…very safe and you are guaranteed to get your $$$ bac incase of anything bad happens


I have used Payoneer since it was introduced here on Fiverr and not for once have I had any negative issues as regards losing my money. Their customer support is also good and prompt.


It’s nice to read people’s experience with Payoneer.

I’ve read horror stories about Payoneer taking a bunch of unnecessary fees for every little thing.
Or stories about getting their accounts disabled without cause. I think that’s why I decided not touch Payoneer with a 10ft pole. I’m in the :us: and using PP is a better option for moi.


I am a heavy user of Payoneer services. Never had a single issue with them, all went smooth for 2 years. But well, that’s just my personal experience of course.


I can withdrow 20,000 BD Taka (around 243$) at a time from ATM (50k bdt max/day, to do this need to input the card 3times). For one withdrow ATM takes $11 (for 20k bdt) :smiley: (now I cash through Payonner to bank than Bank’s card instead of Payoneer card.)


I use Payoneer because I’ve heard to many horror stories about PayPal :wink:

They are the real ones notorious for stealing peoples money by “freezing it” for 180 days after a big spike in sales or what they call “unusual activity”.

I’ve been using Payoneer for years and withdraw to my payoneer account and then directly into the business bank account with no issues and very little fees. I just don’t like paypal as I’ve had unpleasant experiences with them in the past.

I’m also in the USA and never had any problems with Payoneer. They are legit, and have always done right by me.

My .02



I’ve been using Payonner for the last 5 years. Not one single problem and I love the fact that I can live chat with the support, which isn’t available on PayPal. I had some problems with PayPal in the past, I’d lost my mind when I was trying to reach the CS and every time I was getting ‘template responses’. With Payonner you don’t need a local bank account, which is great again.


I have bad experiencie with paypal, They limited my account and when I upload the documentation requested they dont approves it, and I know a lot of people in my country who was limited or blocked permanently for them.

For that reason I begins to use Payoneer, the CS is really good, Until now I never had any bad experience with them.