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Is Payoneer trustworthy?

After a few years of using them, they are suddenly asking me to send pictures of my ID card to them. No problems with that, but they are asking me to not block any of the details. Whenever I’ve had to verify my identity online, it has been enough and even recommended to block the last couple of digits from the social security number.

Sending so sensitive information over internet seems like a sure way to get your identity stolen, seeing how often sites are hacked and information stolen from them.

They also seem very unprofessional. Very vague and unfriendly messages when talking with them. They ignore half of the words in the ticket and it takes forever to get a response from them, and sometimes they even ignore tickets completely. So makes me even more suspicious about them! :scream:

It is trustworthy… Don’t worry about that. Nowadays most companies do that… I guess it won’t take long and we will see that request here on fiverr as well.

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@adsensewizard I can understand your concern that you want to secure yourself. Payoneer is trustworthy and professional, I have been using them from years without any problem. Fiverr would not have recommended Payoneer if it was not trustworthy.

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Good point! Thank you for your opinion :slight_smile: