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Is PayPal faster with smaller amounts?

Sometime ago I withdrew $600 and it took PayPal a while for the money to be deposited into my account.

the other day I withdraw $300 and it only took 24 hours. Is there a reason for this? Is PayPal or the bank account more suspicious of larger amounts? Or can PayPal be slow or fast regardless of amount?

It depends on which day you withdraw and how your bank operates. When we withdraw from Fiverr to Paypal, the transaction is immediate (we have a business account with PayPal). However, it takes 1-3 days to deposit into our bank account (we have a business account with our bank as well). I’ve never had an issue in regards to limits.

The amount makes no difference. Only Paypal knows the answer.

That makes sense, I withdrew the $600 on a Saturday and got the money on Wednesday. In the past, when it withdraw on Monday or Tuesday, I get it the next day.

Can I withdraw money when my balance is only $4?

The fee to withdraw is 2% of the sum withdrawal amount, up to $1.
The minimum withdrawal amount is $1.

Bank Transfer
There is a $3 charge per withdrawal. Additional fees may apply based on your location and currency.
The minimum withdrawal amount is $50.

Direct Deposit (Only available in the U.S.)
The minimum withdrawal amount is $5.
You cannot have the Fiverr Revenue Cardtm and Direct Deposit simultaneously.

Personally, I don’t recommend withdrawing small amounts of money. Remember, Paypal only charges $1 so if you withdraw $50, you’re losing 0.5%. But if you withdraw $5, then you’re losing 20%. Furthermore, if you made one hundred $5 withdrawals in 100 days, you’d be paying $100 in fees. But if you withdraw $100 in one day, then you only pay $1.