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Is Paypal not Available

I am having issue Withdrawing Funds to my paypal, I have been using it for a long time and no issues at all.

now it is not letting me withdraw in my paypal. (attached screen shot)

Is there anyone who had this issue earlier?

Hmm… We tried to withdraw via PayPal yesterday, and hit an error. We’ve used PayPal many times for withdrawals before without issue, so I reported it to Customer Support, who asked me to do the usual clear cache etc then try again. Same issue. We’re based in the UK, and so I changed from USD to GBP, then tried to withdraw and it worked fine. Slightly annoying as the conversion rate here is nowhere near as good as PayPal, but it did at least work.

Report it to Customer Support, as they seem to think the issue is with PayPal and not with Fiverr. At least if multiple people are having problems, they may feel compelled to explore it a bit further.

not working here in india either. Maybe something related to maintenance or new year? :thinking:

it is not even letting me hit the withdraw button, I will try to clear the cache ( will google it to how to do it )

Even I am based in India so I am assuming it may be something same for us, I am also getting in touch with paypal so see if it is from there side

please share updates here once you get any response fro them so it can be helpful to others as well.

cleared the temp files and the funds as in my paypal

Started working here as well. i did not do anything so i guess it was some issue from paypal side. which now has resolved.

As it the time of year end and servers have alot of load on it due to money withdrawal. it’ll soon to normal at certain time.