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Is Photoshop document editing an illegal services on fiverr?

Hi everyone, please I want to confirm if rendering services like photoshop document editing such as changing information contained in one’s doc. ID cards, Passport, Driver’s license etc illegal on fiverr. I’m asking because I have read someone’s complaint about disabling an account with such gig. Does fiverr actually frown at it? and those offering this gig, is there any way to ensure that the scanned document to be edited rightfully belongs to the buyer who came to you to avoid being banned by fiverr?.
Please your various opinions will be highly appreciated.



Any respectable website offering services worldwide would not want to break the law. Changing information in official documents is not only highly unethical, but also a real criminal offense. People get fined and go to jail for this.

Please stop offering this service, it’s not worth putting your head in the lion’s mouth.


Yeah, it is better to say no to anything that involves editing official documents, receipts, contracts, removing watermarks. Even if it isn’t punishable by Fiverr, I wouldn’t do it for ethical reasons alone.
99,9% of those will be used for scam, theft and other illegal or shady activities. I wouldn’t touch it for that 0.01% case when someone just spilled coffee on their id and needs to use it asap.


What @alyonagrapie said.

Why would anyone want to do that unless they wanted to scam people, steal identities, etc?

And why would Fiverr allow people to sell services that facilitate scams?

And why would you risk working with people who do – and of course they’re scammers if they want to doctor official documents. What possible ethical reason could someone have for doing that?

Sorry but I’m dumbfounded by your lack of common sense and ethics. What’s next? Does Fiverr allow a lock picking service?


Fraud / Unlawful Use - You may not use Fiverr for any unlawful purposes or to conduct illegal activities.

In addition to what has been advised:

The above is listed as a violation under the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


@ignareint Yes, I know that it is a criminal offense and I’m not in any way offering such gig, that is why I was curious to find out why fiverr allowed such services here, you can use fiverr search option to search document editing, you will find many sellers offering the gig.

@humanissocial I do not lack common sense, I know very well what it means to doctor an official document, I was only curious as why fiverr allow such services here, I also wanted to know if there is any way it can be proven that the document belongs to the owner before editing. I asked this because I have seen many sellers offering this particular service, You can just search photoshop document editing and confirm my claims.


Even if it belonged to whomever is asking for the document to be edited!!!

Why would you want to edit your ID card, passport, or whatever, if not for something illegal??? :roll_eyes:


Not sure how exactly gig approval process go, but seemingly there is no strict premoderation on gigs, unless it gets flagged for having links or certain words, so a lot of forbidden things make it to the search. Those get deleted when they are discovered by Fiverr. You can speed up the process of them being removed by sending a report.


There are many sellers here who seem to not read the Terms of Service (ToS) and offer anything remotely lucrative either because they are desperate, think that it is easy money, or come from countries with lax rules and thought said rules also apply everywhere (or all three combined).

The way you worded your initial query sounded as if you were not averse to the idea and more about making sure if this service is allowed on Fiverr regardless of whether it is ethical or not and whether the person using your service would do so to circumvent the law:

Nevertheless, if you claim that it wasn’t the case, I apologize for the assumption.

As to why some sellers managed to open a gig offering said service, it was due to the lack of initial moderation and zero barrier to entry for sellers here. If they have to verify every single seller and moderate every single gig, you would probably only able to join Fiverr 3-4 months later if at all.

It is not an ideal system, but we can only do our part in reporting these sellers.


You still haven’t explained what legitimate reason someone would have for hiring someone to doctor official documents and use them to impersonate someone else.

Why would someone do something like that?

And obviously even if there was a legitimate reason (there isn’t), people would use this service for identity fraud.

Why would you want to work with criminals and why do you think Fiverr would let services exist here that could be used for fraud?

And why do you think it would be okay for you to be party to this?

That doesn’t make this look less suspicious. It makes it look more so.

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They don’t.

Some criminals just haven’t been caught yet.