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Is Plagiarism this Common?

It’s generally better to read a thread and join the conversation at its emerging point. Spinning is just useless. A good rewritten article won’t just be spun bollocks twisted around your right leg–it’ll also include new commentary while also offering what appears to be fresh insight.

Website and blog owners need people like me. Cheap content, done good and write. They can’t or won’t afford my original stuff, so they make it easy for me.

PS spot the typo.

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I know what you mean, and as a matter of fact, that did happen once. Luckily it was only a small order. So according to my experience, it has a 9 out of 10 chance to go well.
The only thing you should never do is use a spinner EVER!!! Consider this a warning, never use spinners. Machine spun content is extremely easy to identify.

It’s not illegal but it’s kinda unethical. Though I’m also victim of this practice. I find articles online, rewrite them thoroughly, make something like Ebook or guide and flip them.

I appreciate all this input. My instincts tell me not to mess with it at
all. I’m not a spinner…not a re-writer…just a simple copy editor. I
picture someone taking one of my e-books or blog posts and re-writing it to
fit their own agenda and that does not set well with me. I work hard on my
original content and think others should do the same.


I wish there were more people like you. But if a client brings you work like this just tell them you can provide better content that will help convey the message they want more effectively. Chances are you’ll probably get a tip (speaking from experience)

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I find that a problematic statement. I understand totally if you just want to copy-edit, but that’s no reason to say this. Original content costs a lost more than copypasta for a reason. But with writing largely devalued, why not take those job? If you’re good at words, just spin and remix. Like a DJ. Do you think remixes and so on are also wrong?

Treat your writing as the art it is. If they want a straight rewrite, give it to 'em. Read between the lines, create some thing new. There’s more to it than apostrophes and periods. Especially periods (NOW LAUGH). SSJ thinks it’s OK to not support` mental illness, btw, so his opinion can be discounted–he ran away and called me rude when I challenged him.

@ssj1236 – I did say your opinion was noted. You are welcome to flag this. But do remember how you also violated the forum rules regarding self-promo before clicking that button.

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I felt I could say this with confidence since I put it in the context of
someone copying my original content and spinning it. I don’t like the idea,
so I won’t support the idea. No judgement on someone who has no problem
with it, it’s simply not for me. I’m the same way with anything pre-made,
though. Give me a blank sheet of paper any day!

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I think that you need to maybe understand what plagiarism really is exactly. For instance, if someone asked you to write a recipe for bread, would you simply find a recipe and rewrite it? Or would you attempt to reinvent bread for the sake of writing a recipe which has never ever been published before?

Most writers anywhere are article spinners, due to the fact that all we are really doing is spinning information which we gather through research. The exception, of course, is if you write a book (fiction or non-fiction).

That said, it is important to also understand what most people mean by ‘article spinning.’ This is because most contemporary spinners don’t rewrite articles. Instead, they use software to substitute certain words in order for the finished article to pass online plagiarism checkers.

If someone asks me to rewrite a piece of existing content, they don’t mean copy it. They mean write an article on this specific theme and improve it.

While this might sound at odds with your personal view of plagiarism, I highly doubt that you will make progress building a steady client base on Fiverr (or anywhere) if you resolutely refuse to write articles due to your belief that doing so is morally wrong.

Your logic if you like, is a little like saying that The New York Times can’t cover the exact same story covered in The Washington Post tomorrow, as doing so would be plagarism. - Of course they can, they just can’t copy it word for word and need to put their own editorial spin on it.

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I think I clearly understand what plagiarism is. To your points:

If someone asked me to write a recipe for bread, I would do so to the best
of my ability while knowing what goes into bread (flour, yeast, liquid at
the very least). I might have to experiment with quantities. If they simply
asked me for a recipe, I could send them a link and give full credit to the
original recipe creator.

I am a writer, but I am not a spinner, nor do I use someone else’s work
without giving credit. If I quote someone, I tell who I’m quoting. This can
be done; we don’t have to use other people’s work.

In my gigs, I do not offer writing. I offer only copy editing and
proofreading. Thus, I have a good customer base and enough work each week
already. So, no, I do not have to resort to spinning in order to succeed on
Fiverr (or any other forum).

Certainly the New York Times can cover the exact same story as any other
publication; they simply need to get their own information from their own
sources and write the story without reading others’ stories first. If they
do read others, they can cite them as a source.

If article spinning has to focus on passing plagiarism checkers, how is it
not a form of plagiarism? If it isn’t, why even worry about plagiarism? Do
they not want to have others realize they just copied someone else’s
original content and spun it to fit their own needs? Why worry about
plagiarism checkers if you’re not plagiarizing?

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(Yes, I know you weren’t replying to me, but…)

No, a remix is not wrong. But it’s a remix of someone else’s work, identified. A DJ does not claim that they created the work from nothing. I doubt that people use ‘spun’ material with a notice that says 'this article is a rewrite of another article" and then specify where it can be found (I could be wrong).

Does non-original content not further devalue writing, though?

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Well, look at romance books. It’s the same generic product every single time with a facelift. Same for Hollywood movies. We all know how thrillers work. We all know that Angela Lansbery is going to go to a posh place where someone will murder someone and we all play guess the murderer and it’s not the obvious evil guy but maybe the–shock, it was the antagonised butler whose motive was revealed 10 minutes towards the end! I could go on.

When I speak of devalued writing, I’m talking about people who can’t write, getting paid to write junk–or simply just outright plagiarize other content without even bothering to edit it, all for the sake of $5. My position is that if it’s well written and edited, it will be a fresh new piece. Derivative from the original–sure. I usually add in a couple of new opinions (because I am opinionated!). These clients don’t want to pay full rates for fresh content, but they do want good content. This is a way to give it to them. Beyond that, the ethics and morality is down to each person. It’s not writing an academic paper (not for pay–that I do disapprove of) where quotations, bibliographies and all the rest of it are the norm. I guess the online equivalent is the good old hyperlink, but if you’re rewriting smart, you’re not going to do that–you’ll find some other sources, and better sources. Not that I do this when I rewrite–that’s the client’s job, though I doubt many considered it.

Plus, there are a few people out there who just want a rewrite because while they’ve written something, they just feel that it’s not good enough and that a good writer can breathe some fresh new air into what feels like stale content.

I mean, we’re talking “Top 10 Ways Cats: The Musical Changed The Way We Eat” internet crap here. Nobody really cares, do they? Even with more business stuff like “Why You Need To Sit Up and Take Notice of Big Data’s Big Brother” is just going to be some tech article that gets rehashed. Press Releases these days: just throw that up on the site.

I mean, this is probably more to do with Google’s insistence on better quality content–I’m sure we remember the days when any old crap was thrown up and somehow ranked despite being as informative as a broken toaster. Now, they’re at least written in OK English (generally) and although it’s one of many very, very similar articles, it’s a step forward.

Perhaps Google will further develop its ability to detect similarities in rewrites and penalize newer spins/rewrites/etc (to the howls of anguished website owners across the globe). But until the day that doing this actively harms those website owners, they’re not going to stop. Ethics isn’t going to win here–but it rarely does outside the ivory towers of academia.

Here finishes the sermon :wink:

EDIT: @fastcopywriter’s correct about the news-jacking. Hm, could be a gig idea…


I don’t think I’ve done any self-promo on this thread. Have I?

Okay, send all your re-write buyers to me … I’ll be happy to do the work and make the money from it.

Good! What a relief, scottorr16
Thank you.

No, you’re alright here–I’m talking about somewhere else.


You do realize that shameless self-promotion is exactly what @scottorr16 has done–without even adding a shred of useful information to this discussion, or indeed any other one on the forum? You had better hope he has the credentials he professes to, otherwise it will reflect poorly on both of you…

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Ah, so you mean the other thread. That was because I didn’t know there was such a rule (been on the forums for like two days, sorry) but I’ve deleted all the comments from that thread just in case.

Right. I would certainly check him out first if I was going to actually
refer someone. If nothing else, this thread has been educational.

How can we tell/know if our writings have been plagiarised (not spinned) by other people? What tool is good to track this down?

Edited: Never mind, I have found it.

Tell me the name of tool.

@zeeshan_tirmizi well I found grammarly. have you used it before? is it good? i´m still learning it. So don´t take it from me.