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Is podcasting your gig a good idea? Any tips

Hello Fiverr Family,

I trust you are enjoying this beautiful Wednesday.

I have a question: I wanted to see if starting a podcast for my Fiverr gigs would be a good idea?

Also, if anyone has done this and you would be so kind to leave a few tips that would be great.

Thank you

  • Pastor Dre

@pastordre, podcasting is INDEED an excellent way to get the word out about your particular Fiverr endeavor. Although, I’d suggest a more personalized approach; instead of making it just a sales tool, take some time to get into the nuts and bolts of what you do. Your goal is to impart that burning enthusiasm with your voice and really light up your focal specialty in a way where the listener understands exactly what your expertise level is as defined by the passion you have for your pursuit. ALWAYS EMPHASIZE WHY what your offer represents is just what a potential customer who needs your services is going to break their neck to run to you and give you their money :rofl:. In all seriousness, also investigate having the personal RSS feed given to every member here at Fiverr plugged into every RSS feed submission site you can find. Another great way of driving traffic to your individual gig pages without too much effort (ping the sites once a week with updates).

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It sounds good but my question is how to find your audience. It takes some real commitment and interest to listen to a podcast. I see youtube as a better alternative if you can give something of interest.


@misscrystal, the podcasting niche is almost bottomless - there are 100s of resources connected; directories, member forums, podcasting sites…I had a few dives into this niche back in the days, and I still have numerous resources I plan to use down the road.


Thank you for the great feedback. @promodrone

How many podcasts do you listen to each month?

@misscrystal - unfortunately none as I’m busy creating products and services for here and dozens of other microjob sites. And it’ll probably be awhile before it happens again :rofl: - I was planning on putting together a podcast-themed project, but had to put it on hold.

Me neither… didn’t think anyone here did. That’s my point.

It’s too much like a radio broadcast and why listen to that when you can watch youtube.

@misscrystal, not that I don’t want to - as I said before even though I don’t have the time now, there are a few resources in the niche that stood out to me so hard that I saved and catalogued them for later, relevant usage. I don’t even listen to music when I’m working :rofl: I am actually not a big fan of YouTube as there is no uniform production style or value across the board. And for consumption of solution-based information, written tutorials are more my style. Video is a pain to skip through, and you never know if you miss what you needed to know while skipping.

I think podcasts are a pain, trying to sit there and listen to someone lecturing basically on a subject and there are no visuals to go with it. It’s not popular would be my guess.

I watch youtube all the time, listen to Tedtalks all the time and take free online classes on Coursera and there are videos to watch with all of those.

I’m not into radio shows much.

I sit in the car for 2 hours every day so podcasts are perfect time fillers. I listen to 6 podcasts every week, so there’s definitely a market for it, but I wouldn’t listen to a podcast for promoting gigs. You would need to offer value in the podcast and the gigs should be just a by product. I agree with you though, that a YouTube channel might be more appropriate. Have you tried it?

I’ve listened to the half hour podcasts on fiverr and I’m very interested in the subjects being discussed and even so, I find it’s very hard for me to stay focused and attentive.

I guess I’m just a visual learner and need to have something to look at while I listen.

Youtube is where most people go to find videos of subjects they are interested in. It also seems easier to make a video than a podcast, with less needed in the way of equipment and editing.