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Is Profile name matter for getting orders?

Hello Designer’s
I listened to the friend and read some article that profile name and profile photo are matter. They want to say women’s photo or women’s name are the matter of getting orders. Is that true? If it is then my profile name is not okay.

So, your friends are advising you to pose as a woman seller? busty blonde? :information_desk_person:
Be yourself use your own photo, being deceptive is NOT the right route to go. Regarding your username, you’re stuck with it, once you’ve selected a name you cannot change it.


Don’t be silly - you’re a chap - be proud of it! Anybody who tells you to use the name and profile of a busty blonde (preferably from the US) is a loser, and you’d be daft to believe them!

Anybody can have success on Fiverr regardless of gender etc. :grinning:

Edited to add @nikavoice you just beat me to it! :grinning:


LMAO… Well, like the saying goes “great minds think alike.” :wink:
This chap is not a shame of his game.
What a hoot!


Many things are happing when someone goes for tips anyone.What about my username.Is that okay?

No idea what you mean by this I’m afraid.

However, your username is fine!

You know your friend you mentioned - he/she wouldn’t happen to be on a forum/FB group which promises to show you how to be successful on Fiverr would he/she? If so, ignore everything they say, and just do your best!

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Pls, tell me how can I remove fiver forum topic. I can’t find any options here.

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I think you can edit your initial post and/or delete it. Good luck!

PS @nikavoice and I really enjoyed chatting with you - please do come back again!

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I am not telling delete this one. I am new on this forum so I need to know.

Where i say that i am afraid?

Likewise @offlinehelpers. Ugh! I guess he prefers information to further his deception. :unamused:

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Be genuine in the pic, username and be yourself. The only tip, I can give on this is that choose a username which can be easy to remember for your clients :slight_smile:

I think then it’s okay.Thanks

Well, it’s rather easy to see the … (3 dots) at the bottom of your post? :boom: you’ll see the tools you need!

Yes, It’s my one only, I am talking about to delete full discussion. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I didn’t say you were afraid, I said “No idea what you mean by this I’m afraid.”

Oh, so you have something to hide?

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I freakin’ love blonde :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:[quote=“nikavoice, post:2, topic:123336”]
busty blonde? :information_desk_person:

no, not definitely not…If I thought it’s my mistakes then what will I do?That’s why I want to learn this.