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Is Profile name matter for getting orders?

Calm down @n4y33m! I know it’s Saturday… :grinning:


I think it’s better if we discuss some tips here. My friend tells me that, I don’t believe them and that’s why I ask here. Is that any problem.

Special delivery just for you! Enjoy! :smile:


Well done you for not believing them, because it’s not true! :wink:


Be proud of what you have and who you are! @arifulislam1983
Forget about what your friend and ask yourself. If you have some creepy answer like using a fake username, celebrity pics or copying others gigs will help you to make a better condition, then do it!

You know, there’s nothing wrong about not knowing but ignorance is a virus, and your friend is one of those ignorant who is afraid to live by own identity :wink:

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All the time, there is a guy in behind the scene for Miss Piggy.
It seems You categorize me with Justin Bieber :roll_eyes::grimacing::grimacing:

Sorry - which century are you from?

Totally inappropriate.

Apologies to @nikavoice BTW.