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Is Promoting your Fiverr ID is illegal out of fiverr?

Hi, :slight_smile:

Today i have a Common Question.

Is Promoting your Fiverr ID is not according to terms and conditions of fiverr ? can i get banned or bear a fiverr punishment for this ? (Like a Level down)

For Example:

My Fiverr ID is FoxSquare , and i am thinking to Promote it as a Facebook Page by the name of “FoxSquare” So that i can get more popular and hence get more Orders.

But can i do that ? Can i put a Link at the bottom of my Delivery message that if my Buyer is very happy with me so he should like my Facebook page ?

Tell me your Review :slight_smile:


My nickname is also one I use in many other places, plus how can we promote ourselves on other platforms besides Fiverr if we couldn’t use our nickname? You can share your Fiverr nickname with anyone you’d like, and invite them to buy your gigs on Fiverr! :wink:

What’s not allowed on Fiverr is exchanging personal contact information, such as email addresses, or asking for payment outside of Fiverr by giving your name to a buyer so they can send you funds.

Reply to @celticmoon: accept

@celticmoon: Well, don’t you think that giving some buyer your facebook page/profile link is something like contacting buyer out of Fiverr? :wink:

And if you deliberately do that, in my opinion, it’snot allowed. And surely sellers could get punished for that.

For me, exchanging email addresses and Facebook profile links is the same thing…

@foxsquare: Your question was:

Is Promoting your Fiverr ID is illegal out of fiverr?

The answer is NO. you can surely create pages for your fiverr id on facebook and can advertise or promote your Fiverr gigs and id all over internet.

but it is NOT ALLOWED vice versa:

i.e. to promote your ‘out of fiverr’ lDs in Fiverr. :wink:

I hope it makes sense…

Reply to @celticmoon: hmmm I see… Thank you for Sharing your information :slight_smile:

Reply to @bestinmarket: Exactly what I had in mind , Thats why I asked the Question ,

Why are we not Allowed to do that? Fiverr Call us “Entrepreneur” If we are entrepreneur , we are like the entrepreneur who cant promote there Business !

We should be allowed to atleast Promote our Facebook pages on fiverr so we can collect our buyes on one place , So the Buyer know what is New thinks that we are introducing , and By that there Friends know abut us so they come to us when they need similar services .

I think entrepreneurs should be allowed to do that . Right ?

hmmm , If i cant tell my buyers that i have a Facebook page , how They will get there ?

Anyway , Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


Reply to @bestinmarket: Exactly right.

Reply to @foxsquare: If you have a buyer who first contacted you via fiverr and then you send them to facebook or another page & make a deal outside of fiverr, then you would be violating fiverr terms. If you ahve a web site and promote your fiverr services along with your social media pages, you can do that as far as I know.

Reply to @sassygirl23: hmmm i see , Thank you :slight_smile:

Reply to @foxsquare: here is the point. if you do business directly with buyer (fiverr doesn’t know why you want to tell buyers about your facebook page) how fiverr will earn? so simply they will not allow that.

Reply to @foxsquare: thats something tricky… :stuck_out_tongue:

may be fiverr thinks that you can promote yourself on social media first… show people your work samples and bring them to fiverr to make agreements etc. :wink:

But they will not allow the existing fiverr buyer to directly talk to you or join your page. :wink:

I hope it makes sense…

Reply to @bestinmarket: That’s what I should’ve said…it would’ve been more clear. But we certainly all promote our gigs in other places, so we have no choice but to give out our Fiverr nickname, since it directs buyers to our gigs. It can get tricky when doing this on FB because of FB’s “real name” policy. So I created a FB page named for my gigs, and keep my personal FB page private. That was my solution.