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Is Providing Adult Content as A Writer Safe?

As a content writer, I receive a lot of orders relating to adult sites - some are articles, some are web pages and some are short stories and erotica. Is this safe? Does this count as adult content? Is there any chance my account is at risk cause of this? If there is some risk what can i do now since that I’ve done multiple orders for a client that mostly orders adult site content. The content has only been text no images or anything like that. If anyone has faced a similar situation to this can share some advice that would be great.

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Can anyone help with this?

There was a thread by someone asking a similar question recently, DJ replied with a quote from TOS, if you want to read that: Buyer sent me an hot video
I guess if you want to be really sure on how to interpret the pertaining parts of the TOS, you´ll have to ask Customer Support (and hope you won´t get some cryptic reply, or just a link back to the TOS).

Thanks for replying, I’m a content writer as I mentioned earlier, I’m completely fine ith doing it and have contacted customer support about it but is my account liable to get banned? The TOS doesn’t pretty much tell me anything and there are more than a “few” adult content gigs on Fiverr that have a lot more reviews than me. I really hope someone who’s gone through a similar scenario can share some info.

Yes, I understood, I can´t say more than that; why fiverr bans and leaves some gigs and not others, and how exactly the bits in the TOS are meant, your guess is as good as mine or as anyone else´s. If you want certainty, I don´t think anyone on the forum will want to guarantee you anything.

Well ****, thanks for the help though so getting confirmation (hopefully) from CS is my best then.

Getting confirmation, and saving screenshots of it, just in case.

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Thank for share this content and share.