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Is response rate affecting my sales?

Okay, I think we all agree that there needs to be some clarification on what is actually affecting Response Rate. My current number is 29%. HUHH??? I respond to nearly all messages, except for the occasional “Thanks.” Even as I get new messages and respond to them right away, my response rate doesn’t budge. Confused.

But anyway, Fridays are always super busy for me. I get like 30 messages. I only got 7 yesterday. I know this might just be a coincidence, but does Fiverr move my gigs lower on the lists if my response rate is lower? And how do I even improve it?? Because nothing seems to be helping.

Ugh, so frustrated.

Yes, I do recall the blog post mentioned sellers with high response rate gets more visibility in search results. Although mine is 100% and I don’t get any visibility for my gigs, even if they have over 4k reviews and 100% rating, so not sure how flawless the system is. It’s new, so it’s likely it still has bugs in it.

I am not sure how Fiverr calculates this but I respond to every single message and my response dropped from 100% to 67% in 2 days??? How is this possible???

I answer all messages, usually within an hour, unless I’m sleeping, and I’ve went from 100% to 80% back to 91%. Strange.

Mine is stuck at 26% … I respond to over 60 messages a day :slight_smile: Awesome what can I say

I’m curious about this, too. I’ve been responding to every message, but my response rate is stuck at 50%.

Hi, I’ve contacted support about this to clarify and will come back when I have answers. My questions were:

How does the response rate affect search results?

Do spam messages that are blocked affect response rate when you can’t answer them back?

When collaborating with other sellers, who ends the conversation so that they don’t get the penalty, or do you continue to run a conversation endlessly to prevent a penalty for not answering on both sides?

How do you end a conversation with a buyer who has chosen to go elsewhere, when you have already ended the conversation, but they send another message with a ‘thanks, but no thanks’ or ‘don’t bother’ or 'I found someone cheaper’

In the last two days, I have answered every message except the spam ones I can’t answer as they are blocked. I did manage to answer one spam on in time before it was blocked and the person got back to me with a one word, so I had to answer them again. A bit of a waste of time, but at least I got the last message in.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to keep my response rate up, it still dropped.

I’ll keep pressing to get answers and hopefully this will be worked out soon.

I personally don’t like it. Before my focus was on open orders, working on them first, then messaging potential buyers back once I’ve delivered orders for the day.

Now, I’m having to worry about messages first (over orders) instead of working on my order first thing. It’s not fair to Buyers who already have orders in queue. Plus, I feel like I’m being micromanaged.


Participate in the petition and let’s see if we can get it removed…

Well, I clicked on the petition, and it took me to a message page saying the post was under review. How long has that been happening I wonder.

I agree that there is a definite issue with the way this number gets determined. I seem to get many orders between midnight and 4 am in the morning. If they are in my time zone it is at least 6 hours before I get to them because, like many hard working humans, I sleep at night.

If the order comes in from another country it doesn’t look as if the time difference is being taken into account either, so, something posted 2 hours ago shows up automatically on my end as if it was sent many more hours before it actually was depending on the country of origin, and I get dinged for it!? That’s some weak sauce.

Frankly, I do not think that this is something that even needs to be tracked, or controlled by Fiverr at all. If I choose to not respond to some long, drawn out gig request that makes no sense whatsoever, then that should be my prerogative. As a writer I have learned to recognize certain aspects of a request that tells me when a client is potentially nothing but trouble, and I don’t have time to mess with people like that considering the tight margins I have to work with here. Clients send messages all the time asking for further clarifications, add-ons, “can you do this, or that” etc. and these take up valuable admin time I could be using to writing articles and MAKE MONEY. I shouldn’t be forced to continue to respond to someone I have no intention of working for.

If I want to wait until the end of the day to answer messages, instead of constantly checking to see if someone needs a response before my rating drops, that should be my choice, and it’s none of Fiverrs business in my opinion.

I think I saw somewhere that there are over 2 million people working on here. If that is true then a customer who feels they are not being responded to have plenty of other options, and that plays into the real-world economics of a work environment. The ones who are on top of it win, and the ones who lag lose. THAT should be all the tracking required.

C’mon Fiverr, I know you don’t have the ability to handle all of the complaints you get from users, but this is basic programming flaw, and affects the over all structure of how your service works. Fix it, explain it, tell us a lie, anything! DO something. The people who are responsible for your success are actually resorting to posting petitions to get you to take action, and I think that is pretty sad.

In fact, I’d say your Response Rating is pretty poor.

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There has been some issues with response rate dropping with or without messages (and even if you reply to all promptly), if it doesn’t come back up after a while, CS will help.

The current wisdom is that response rate % doesn’t impact the account and is just there for the seller.

I don’t now whether this is the case or whether it could be used for such purposes at a later date, the problem is that Fiverr probably wants for example, new buyers to have a great experience. If they get ignored in their first attempt to contact a seller, they may not try again, which effects us all.

Avg Response time is something else and maybe fine tuning it for work done and delivered globally would be good.

Hope they get this resolved. I’ve asked (no answer yet) whether it could partly be when buyers send a string of msgs and I respond to all of them in 1 response (instead of to each of them individually).

I have the mobile app which i use to reply to messages. Even saying things like. I am on the way to the studio I will contact you in a couple of hours.

I think fiverr is trying to make sure people respond and acknowlege messages and follow up rather than wanting you to write large essays back to people in 5 minutes.

I do not have 60 messages a day (that would be a great problem to hav If I was that busy I certainly would not be complaining) but with the mobile app I would not have any problems in replying to this many as its really easy and takes a few seconds.

I am personally a very inpatient person so I hate waiting for a reply to something maybe fiverr feels the same way I do LOL


Only one way to test it, and that’s for a group of people to respond assiduously, another group to ignore messages, and a control group of “regular responses” and then tracking gig placements every few hours.

Terminally dull! Just respond or don’t. I don’t think it does affect anything, but that’s all it is–an opinion.

I submitted a ticket today and awaiting a response. But, as I was replying to a message on the mobile app a thought occurred. Are any of you using the mobile app to respond to messages? Do you notice drops in response rate after that? Could that be the issue? hmmmm

I experienced the same lately but I had it refreshed and it came back to life.

sigh if it is a stat that needs to be manually refreshed from time to time, I find it highly unlikely that Fiverr is using it as some sort of gig ranking metric. If it is, I’m astounded.

Fiverr knows about this issue, which is why they put the petition under review, fiverr is forgetting that we sellers who are making scraps are responsible for their whole business!

I am having a bug as we speak on my messages from last month, no matter how I respond within a timely manner to buyer A and the message is down a few hours later I am still seeing that I am being timed, I thought we were only time based on first response and answering within 24 hours from the message was sent.

My response rate is falling and I answer every single message (shaking my head). Fiverr re-set it to 100% and 2 days later it’s at 96%, now 92%. I even respond to the goobers who send out mass messages to sellers and come into my inbox as “blocked for spam.” Still it’s falling.

I have a skype gig that I use for larger more complicated video gigs and Fiverr appears to be holding up my messages for a manual review. When I suggest that a buyer order it I guess it’s being flagged because “skype” is in the URL. I just lost a $175 potential sale because of this.

When you couple this response rate nightmare with the “manual message review” BS, it makes doing gigs suck.

I spend most of my time messaging tech support, wondering why my buyers aren’t responding to my messages, and wasting my time. VERY FRUSTRATED!!!