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Is response rate related to impressions?

like the title says, are the 2 related?

i currently have a 50% response rate because i did not reply to a spammer.
the user has now been ban-hammered from Fiverr hehe and i have no way to reply.
and now, i have a 50% response rate due to no fault of mine.

i’ve already raised to CS so i hope this is resolved soon.
for the users out there, are impressions and response rate related?
the lower response rate, the lower the impressions?

I am not sure how response rate will affect your impressions. But CS does not generally help in improving your response rate. Response rate out of all the stats is the easiest to increase. If you reply to all the queries on time for a week or two it will increase automatically.

From my personal experience I think impressions are affected more by the late deliveries and order cancellations than the response rate.

I’ve been told that response rate does not affect placement. That was by my PRO CS representative.