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Is Review exchange Allowed on Fiverr?



I have been researching a lot on Fiverr recently to improve my sales and looking at the other GIG, to If could do something to Improve my GIG.
I saw something and was amazed to see a level 2 seller on Very First page of logo design Category with just 57 Reviews. (WOW)

Seller A must be really talented to be there on very first page with top rated sellers and with those with more than 1k reviews.

When I saw the GIG, seller A have been on Fiverr for just 4 months, and the Reviews are from another seller B, from the same country region. looked further in Seller B Reviews and Found Another Seller C Review And this went on and on With most of the reviews exchanged like a web. leading to each other profile.

So just exchanging reviews with in each other and all joined this year in Aug, Sep, Oct. this year.

Clearly Exchange is Happening or same person.

Should it be reported or let Fiverr look at it them self and just leave the thing.


Absolutely NOT! It’s a violation of Fiverr’s terms of service.


Should it be reported or let Fiverr look at it them self and just leave the thing.


Yes, report it to Customer support.


@eoinfinnegan I remember reading one of misscrystal post that she reported something like this earlier to Fiverr and nothing Happened


It takes time to investigate every report (could be a few months), but quite often, something does get done (and then you see scammers crying on the forum that their accounts were disabled even though they did nothing wrong).


I’ve heard of this type of review exchange tricks. You can do nothing about it too since seller A is not getting any reviews back from seller B and also same goes for Seller B and C. Since none of the sellers are exchanging reviews directly with the same seller, FIverr does nothing about these schemes.
This is unfair by all means and FIverr definitely should go through these.


You should report these behaviors, but I wouldn’t have much hope that something will be done.

I’ve been reporting an user who clearly have 2 accounts selling in the same category, and also have a 3rd account (as buyer) who “coincidentally” buy dozens of consecutive orders in both accounts at the same time just to boost the reviews. (one of these 2 gigs have 89 consecutive reviews in a couple of hours - not even the best seller in this category can handle so much orders in just a few hours).

I’ve been contacting fiverr support over 2 months and nothing has been done. They started to ignore me


Ok, then don’t report them…
So you know that review exchange is not allowed and you already know you don’t think reporting is effective.
What exactly are you asking in this post then?


Are you asking thinking you might try it yourself?


Exchanging reviews is really poor way of attracting buyers and total waste of money. 5r takes 20% of your money.

When a real buyer comes along then they will get poor review or cancellation, their stats will go down and they will be screwed.

We read buyers saying, “this seller is level 2 with 100 :star::star::star::star::star: reviews.” Now you know why.

Now, with the new leveling, those cheaters will be caught faster.


Never even try to do it.
You both will be banned in no time


It is not allowed on Fiverr, it is a form of cheating


WoW Reported It ans GOt my Account Disabled.


You reported a review exchange which you weren’t part of and you got your account disabled?


You mean your other account is disabled now too? Surely this has to be a mistake! That’s a real kick in the teeth!

Well just use one of your other ones. Did you have reviews on the other account? How many accounts have you had disabled now? I remember you said you already had one disabled. Did they give you a reason?


Yes I Had 2 earlier in September and got one disabled.

I was working on this one now and things were going alright.

I am quite sure this is a mistake as I always keep tos in mind and even told a customer last night that I can not contact outside as it is against the tos.

now mistake is costing me $500 as account balance. and left wtih nothing


So you hold it to only two accounts? Why would they disable one? This one you write on the forum is also disabled?


I don’t know.

now I am left to start all over.

Is there a chance I can get it back


You was right, I wish I would have waited one more hour for your message