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Is review modification possible?


A buyer messaged me he mistakenly hit the wrong button giving me 3.7 rating instead of 5 star. He want to know if it’s possible to modify the rating.


Please refer to the article:


Thanks for that man… Your answer helps alot.


I’m surprised the ‘ask a buyer to change their review’ feature exists. Other than for mistakes like in the OP’s case, I thought asking a buyer to change their review was against the TOS?


I think it would depend. If I was a new buyer and didn’t I had left you a lower rating, then I would want my seller to ask me why I had left it, I would then realize my mistake and change it.
So I think it is only against the rules to a certain extent, like trying to bribe the buyer into changing it.


sad to say but this is not possible now as fiverr has closed this feature from buyer side that he an edit his review once after he did,
& this also happen with me also about 3 to 4 time :slight_smile: but i just move forward in making more sale & delivering quality stuff :slight_smile: