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Is review rate will effect your gig?

Hello Everyone,

I have completed 51 orders but got about 42 reviews only, thats mean rated order 82% , will this affect my gig search or affect my impressions? please leave a comment if anyone have idea about this.

thank you.


Your review rate is much higher than mine is. You are doing great. It does not affect your gigs.


Getting more reviews it’s good, since it will rank up your gig, if I’m not mistaken. Your review rate is really good though. As far as I know the average is around 70%.


I’m at 75% with 1131 orders completed.Keep delivering an amazing final product and you will get even higher!Good luck!


My review rate is 65% after 2500 orders, so I think you’re doing really well!


thank you so much for your comments, appreciate lot.

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Some buyers don’t like to rate or review just for privacy reasons as they might be outsourcing 3rd party work.

how to check rated order?

Rather that review rate more important is good review. If i’m not wrong.

But some clients don’t want to go with the review process. That is the main issues. But any way at the end of the day getting good review , inspire us to do the best what we are doing. So keep Going,

thank you,

Go to Analytics tab.
scroll down. then you will get rating section. over there the right hand side you will get the rating statistic.
Hope that will help you,