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Is selling content writing service as a group allowed?

I am a new Fiverr seller, and I do not know if I am posting in the right place.
But I want to understand one thing before I continue with my profile:

I have employed seven people who work with me for at least 8hours daily. I hope it is not against Fiverr’s policy to come here to get jobs as a group, or must I be rendering the service as an individual?

I want to extend our services to Fiverr in 2016 and earn extra $,$$$,$$$

I am hoping to be a top rated seller in less than one year if allowed to work as a group. This group will get much done in less time as a group than as an individual.



You can have a team that works on Fiverr and many sellers do. You just need one person who is responsible for “owning” the Fiverr account and receiving payment.