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Is shared ip a problem?

I am using shared IP will there be any problem?
do Fiverr check the IP address or Mac address?


Yes, there might be a problem.
It’s always best to get CS permission/approval when two people use the same IP.

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I’m from Bangladesh as I know it isn’t problem to use Shared IP for working on fiverr. Most of the people from South-East Asia uses shared IP and they works on FIverr too. There is no problem. So don’t worry and keep working. Best of luck :slight_smile:

it is best to take approval from cs as @imagination7413 said

In one word : yes !!
Absolutely fiverr check both IP address and Mac address.
You can use shared IP, it is not a problem.
But Mac address represents a specific identification of individual devices.
You can not use more than one fiverr account from a single device. ( Also one person is permitted for only one account).

This not recomneded to use same IP for multiple accounts.
It is best to use a single account on single IP.

Nowhere does fiverr mention anything about an IP or a shared IP in the terms of service. You cannot have two accounts. This has nothing to do with your IP whether or not it is shared
As long as you and the other person working on Fiverr under the same IP don’t offer the same type of services, and don’t share a payment/withdrawal method or buy/sell to each other.