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Is Shared IP is legal for Fiverr


Is shared IP (internet connection) legal for Fiverr to , dose anyone have any idea about it.


What do you mean by “shared ID”? Shared with whom?


In South Asia’s country like Bangladesh , India , Pakistan here maximum users use this shared IP . This is actually mean that local internet service provider sell One IP for too many users. Normally this type connection is cheaper than Real IP .


Bro… Sometime I also think about this .:thinking:


As I know from my mentor Fiverr was opened IP for Bangladesh and India. But I am still confused .


When I go to a hotel I am able to sign in to my fiverr account on a shared IP so I don’t see why you couldn’t share an IP with others.

I also use public hotspots sometimes at Starbucks so I don’t see a problem with it.


This is an interesting topic, since Fiverr doesn’t let anyone use two accounts on one IP address (as far as I know).


I’m from Bangaldesh as I know it isn’t problem to use Shared IP for working fiverr. As asian we can use it. There is no problem. So don’t worry and keep working. Best of luck :slightly_smiling_face:


Nowhere does fiverr mention anything about an IP or a shared IP in the terms of service.

You cannot have two accounts. This has nothing to do with your IP whether or not it is shared.