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Is She trying to scam me?

Hi folks,
I hardly use this freelancer site, ( for many reasons ) but none the less I am on it .

So I forgot about 5R, then today I get an ‘order’, what the heck is an order I thought ohhhhh someone has bought my service as a voice actor/voiceover, ok.

I check and see that the lady who ordered has sent a script and a note saying this: ( copied & pasted here )

hi, i chose you then after i uploaded the word count it changed it from $5 to $47. I’m sorry i can’t afford that but if you’re interested i’d be honored if you give this a try. Thank you Steve! ’


ATTACHMENTS ( Not seen here is a long script, for a commercial script it is long )

I wrote her back right away and declined the gig- order whatever its called here ( paraphrasing ) I said: ’ Sorry but that long script would end up paying is less than minimum wage, I decline Your offer, regards.

Question: There is a literal clock running, and it says she bought my service for a total of $5 but both of us admit this is the wrong price for a script that is as long as her script.

Am I still on the hook for it ?


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Verbal decline a order not make any sense.
You need to go resolution center and ask the buyer for cancel the order.

The original order person who wanted my service just said moment ago : ’ Go ahead and click ‘DECLINE’ Steve and I will accept it and that will cancel the order.

My next question is 'were is the page or field that says > Accept or Decline so she can accept my declining it ?

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Use the resolution center which can be found on the top right of the gig page.

Ok thanks,

I will but I want to make sure she is not going to get a negative mark against her ?

She seams to be an honest potential client who just did not do the math ahead of time, and once my charges for revisions, commercial license fees etc… added up she then realized that she needs to back out.

It wont leave a negative review but it will affect your cancellation rate.
Unfortunately, as a new seller here, you may get some people doing things like this as some sellers sell way below the going rate in order to get a few reviews and become more established. The next person she tries it with might just go ahead and do it for her.

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Oh ok,

Thank You for taking Your time on here this weekend to answer my naive inquiries.


This might happen again and if you don’t want to take orders you can put your gig into vacation mode.

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This buyer is a scammer trying to shorthand people. I know it’s against the rules to post users names here but I found this thread after I tried googling her username since I had issues with her.
She ordered my base price of $10 for a script that was much longer. I immediately messaged her letting her know she had ordered incorrectly. Her excuse was that it was for charity and if I could be so kind to do the work because it was for a good cause. I offered a small discount in hopes to reason with her, but her response was that $10 was her budget so if I could just be kind and do something for charity.

People like this are THE WORST. They put you in a position where you have to be the bad guy. I sent a cancellation request after she refused my discount. She didn’t even accept the cancellation request, so it went two days before being automatically cancelled since she was unresponsive. Thanks for my order completion rate going down :roll_eyes:

Note for buyers, you are much much much more likely to get any sort of charity or discounted work had you messaged beforehand and presented a valid scenario, and the script is clearly for charitable causes. I don’t do charity work often since this is my profession, but by putting it on me without even asking is clearly scam artist behaviour.


Just because someone claims it’s for charity you give a discount? How is that your responsibility? I mean it’s nice of you but we are working for pay not for charity. The charity is probably so they can buy some new makeup.

For a $50 order, I offered it for $45… I didn’t have to, but in some specific cases small discounts once a buyer is already in the door seal the deal, otherwise they just cancel. Sometimes it works and sometimes they prefer to cancel. In the cases it works, I’d rather have the $45 than nothing.


If they can pay $45 then they can pay $50. Tell them you already gave to the charity of your choice.

I know but these stupid people have their set numbers in mind, order incorrectly and anything but what they had set in their mind they refuse and cancel. Slightly less stupid people will order incorrectly, slightly acknowledge their stupidity and will be happy with a small discount. For those slightly less stupid people, if $5 is what they need to stay around, I do it sometimes. This has maybe only happened 5-6 times to me, and in the end I made the money minus $5, so not a big deal to me.
The charity part is only the context they gave as to why they ordered incorrectly, which is such bull. I don’t give any charitable discounts unless it is reasonably inquired about beforehand.

I don’t like the bull story about charity and would refuse, and also I refuse to give discounts in general unless it’s a regular valued client.

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Ok if this person is a scammer ( my original thought was just that ) then who in this 5R chain of command do I contact to turn in this bum ?

Who can I relay this thread too in order exculpate myself out of any -neg response check marks against me ?

Funny, but I haven’t got 1 single job here and I am already marked as a deadbeat lol lol .

Contact customer support and ask them to cancel the order.

I did days ago and got >>>>>> chirp chirp chirp crickets .

This is not a complaint , more of an observation. I am finding out real fast on all of these sites that act as monetized intermediaries that call themselves ‘freelancer’ sites that we the talent You and I are a just a number, a revenue stream, a cheap commodity .

At best we are sub-contractors , perhaps closer to being treated like lowly 2nd class/ lower cast system workers on visas that can be revoked at any moment.

I think it’s because this is an international site were the 3rd world has intertwined it’s hungry starving ethos - attitudes into the 1st world and thus pulls down the wages and also imports the lack of self esteem ( and talent ) that dilutes the entire experience with a mutual lack of respect.

My fault for joining if this is true

I know Americans who make a lot of money here, but it’s like selling sodas they make pennies on each soda not dollars, and need to sell a LOT of sodas to turn good 1st world money, and good for them. I am on the fence for now.

Toto I am not in Kansas anymore lol

I am constantly told by successful American voice actors : 'Do not go on 5R , its the ghetto, the 3rd world, when You go on 5R it’s like being a street walking hooker, then expecting to be treated like a classy lady, they don’t go together You are either a classy lady or a cheap hooker '. lol.

Again I am NOT complaining as I am just too new to 5R, but this is a bad start to be scammed right off the bat then get the cold shoulder from 5R, along with all the -neg advice I get about these sites and the other freelance sites.

These sites seam to have an A I - algorithmic non human feel to it them, like the entire site is owned by one guy in a free internet coffee shop and being run by cheap subcontracted labor in a sweat shop next door lol and only on the weekend lol , complete with boiler plate auto responses to my otherwise pointed inquiries lol.

I have time to rant here as I wait for my audition- demo to be ok’ed ( or not ) from another more picky discriminating exclusive site.

cheers and thank You for replying.

You can make this anything you want if you have talent and are good at being responsible with your fiverr business. You don’t have to run it making pennies on the dollar if you don’t want to. Your assumptions don’t hold true for all sellers. It’s up to each seller what they do with their fiverr account or how they choose to run it.

No one is obligated to only make pennies here.


Thanks for Your input.

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