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Hello Fiverr people. I have a client and he wants me to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). My question is: Am I allowed to do that? The buyer hasn’t ordered yet. He doesn’t want to proceed unless I sign an order.

Let me know what you think. I want to be completely sure. Am I allowed to sign an NDA?

Thank you in advance for your help.


You need permission from Customer Support to sign it, and I think that you can only sign it with your Fiverr username, not with any personal contact information.

To be completely sure, ask Customer Support. And be prepared to wait a few days for their answer.


Let the buyer know you are contacting CS as well, if they are genuine they will be happy to wait.


Demands upfront without an order placed, interesting. :thinking:

Never allow a Buyer or should I say a Window-Shopper take control of your business, set your standards.

Tread very carefully here, there are people who are harvesting information. My business outside of Fiverr, I’ve signed NDA before, but it was from Clients I’ve built a solid rapport. They asked for my first and last name only. Of course my signature. Fiverr is a different story! Some people will ask for an address, SS # and that’s where it gets sketchy.

When you contact CS keep in mind the response time will take longer than usual.


I think you can also use your name and your surname, since you are allowed to use your full name as a fiverr username.

But as @catwriter said, the best is to check with CS how to proceed.

Hovever, signing a document without an order being placed? Very strange and you should avoit it.

I bumped into this situation a couple of weeks ago where the buyer required my name and email to mail it to me. I contacted CS and I was not given permission to do it.

I had to show screenshot proofs to buyer on the conversation with CS and that is when the buyer agreed to proceed without signing NDA

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Thank you for all the anwers. I contacted customer support. They responded after 3 days and said that there is no problem. But, the client said that he found another person for the job. According to me, I do not believe it. Maybe, it was a scam, not sure.


I am an inventor and when we need drawings from and outside source we always get a NDA just to keep our invention safe. It is not for the purpose to get someone’s personal information it is what the NDA requires. This is very important to an inventor because we spend a lot of time and money.