Is site scrape legal? Do I accept his offer?


One of my buyer request for this. Is it legal? Do I accept his offer? Please let me know. I am a new seller and I want to work here with my honesty.

Hi kumar,
i need to know when it is start your posibilities to following things,
i have a domain and site of directory ,
i need to download (extrat,scrape ) other sites data and upload it via cmv or xml,
so do you have data scrape system ?
otherwise i send you download manager software ,so please try our scrape following sites
site link
site link
site link
site link
site link
site link
those one of site can easy to scrape let me knows i will order your service,
Thanks kumar

I’ve been working as a web developer and graphic designer for many years, freelancing and working for a variety of different clients. I like to consider myself as a WordPress expert! I fix website problems, errors, issues, bug or whatever you call it. So, I do not understand what type of job my buyer offer to me!


I don’t think it is ethical to do this and you shouldn’t in my opinion. It sounds like he already knows how to do it so why doesn’t he do it himself? He even has the software so ask yourself why he doesn’t do it himself?

Obviously he wants an exact duplicate of a site. So do not do it.


Whether it’s legal or not depends on the country and on the terms of service of each website. Also, will he use the scraped data for legal or illegal purposes? Can you know for sure?

If you don’t have the permission from all the website owners from the list to do web scraping, you could get into trouble. It’s best not to do it.


Maybe he do not have any permission to do web scraping from the list.


You don’t need permission. Scraping is just copying and it’s not legal in the U.S. and most other countries. You can get in a lot of trouble.


Thanks misscrystal for your advice.