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Is skill test necessary to get order?

Hello guys,

I made a mistake to give Fiverr skill test! I clicked the wrong option in the skill test window and then the message was given to me.
Error Id 211 : The user is stuck in the retake wait period

I have tried many times but I can’t give the test.

Will it affect my profile or gig?
Wouldn’t fiber promote my gig without a skill test?

Please help me.


The skill test is essential to this platform. So you should now wait for the next period of skill test…
Although, you can not publish a new gig at the moment here but basically your account or others gig is continue in…
Thank you…


Thanks a lot brother

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It will not harm on your current gigs but you can’t publish any new gig without giving skill tests.

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Hey there! So here’s my insights to your questions:

Fiverr mentions this about it: There is a one-day waiting period between test retakes. You may only take a test twice within a three-month period.

It won’t per se. Some tests are mandatory for certain categories. For the categories where it’s not necessary, it might help your profile/gig in order to communicate to buyers that (to a certain extent) you practice what you preach and can instill trust. For example, saying you’ll write an article in perfect English but the test shows a score of 4/10 that decreases your credibility. However, some buyers rather look at your portfolio for example and don’t care that much about the tests. It’s subjective but in my eyes it can’t hurt to have a good score on your profile.

The tests do not affect your ranking/promoting at all. I believe Fiverr doesn’t filter between profiles with and without tests.

This is only true depending on the gig category I think. As I said above, you can only publish a gig then when you’ve taken the compulsory test. But whether it’s mandatory that will be communicated very clearly by Fiverr. So if you have another gig that doesn’t have a compulsory test, you can still publish that one. But it all depends on your field etc.

Hope this helped! :smiley:


Ehh. I have not done a single skill assessment test on Fiverr, nor has a plethora of incredibly successful sellers who make me look like a guppy in comparison.

Skill tests are absolutely not essential except for specific gigs where Fiverr attempts to verify that a seller can actually perform what they are attempting to sell.


sabinespoems Thank you for your kind information

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Enunciator How do I know which skills test are important or compulsory? Does it fix the Fiverr?

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I haven’t encountered this personally, as my specific gigs do not require skill tests to be performed before they are made live.

I think when creating a gig in a specific category that Fiverr requires a skill test to be completed, you will be unable to publish the gig unless the mandatory test is passed.


Got it. Anyways thank you.

Yes, You are right…
Thank you…

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