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Is Social Bookmarking Service against TOS of Fiverr?


I am a new Seller here on Fiverr. As my background is good in seo and i was recommended to start my services on Fiverr so finally i began.

I created some gigs. But after i created a gig that sells the service “social bookmarking backlinks” my gig was automatically denied".

I didn’t got any clue as it stated it didn’t passes fiverr policy but as i see lot of other sellers with social bookmarking service, next day i deleted the gig that was denied and was in draft again i created a new gig for selling “social bookmarking backlinks” and baam, my gig was again denied as well my account got a strike warning.

As i created a support ticket, where i never got a satisfied answer
I was told,“This is saying you were offering services that are in violation of our Terms of Service and that we do “not offer on our site” because they are in violation of our Terms of Service.”

So this means is my social bookmarking backlink service is in violation of Fiverr Terms ?

Can anyone please throw some light please. This thing is giving me panic since the day i got Fiverr policy warning :frowning:

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You have been told twice that it is.

Check this out: Don't do it! .... You Have Been Warned!

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


So what other category or services that are in violation ?

Because these things are not clearly mentioned on the Terms of Service page, so Sellers might get strike and suspended without knowing the exact reasons isn’t it ?