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Is Social click help for fiverr gig ranking?

MY gig is on the 6th page on the search tag of the " company website ".So for ranking my gig I started to share my gig on Facebook groups. Do my gig will rank for social clicks?
or anyone can give me some advice on ranking my gig?
You can see and tell me what I can change.

Thank you

Of course not. Clicks don’t imply intent to purchase and why would a company incentivize something that would encourage people to spam?

There is enough Fiverr spam all over social media, thank you very much. Stop plastering your gig in Facebook Groups. Its spam and no one cares.

Learn how sales actually works instead of trying to find silly tricks.


Thanks for your reply . can you give me some suggestion to rank my new gig?

I think facebook share is really spaming. But you we can try actual marketing…it will work.