Is someone attempting to scam me?


I created my first writing gigs today. Within an hour, I received this message:

“I really liked your profile, so I thought I would reach out to see if you would be available for an ongoing project. I am a freelancer myself and have too many projects and no time to complete them all. So, I’m looking for someone trustworthy who can help me with three articles per week. The thing is that they’re long list articles of about 6,750 words each. If you’re available for the project, how much would you charge per article? I would provide the list items and no need for you to find images or write intro or conclusion, it would just be writing descriptions for the list items. Let me know what you think!”

I was skeptical because my profile is still music-based and not updated for writing. I asked for a link and example and she sent me a .doc that truly was a huge 50 point article. But not a link. She has no gigs listed, but has been a member since December. I suppose it could be legit and its just a way for a writer to outsource help? I’m brand new. Help!


There is no scam there unless she asks for a free sample of a complete article, which happens sometimes to new sellers apparently.


If you don’t feel comfortable working with this user or picking up bad vibes. You can politely decline the offer and keep it movin’.


I had someone tell me something similar. I declined the offer because they wanted me to write a lot of words for 5 bucks. Can’t even find the message now.


I would suggest starting with a smaller order and let him/her know that would be the best way moving forward for both of you.