Is someone who can believe that my gigs can help?


Dear Fiverr’s members ,

I am an IT engineer and my academic and professional experience can help you to complete your projects. I am convinced I would be able to face all responsibilities at the requested standards. I have excellent communication skills and I consider new tasks as as real challenges.

I can help you with services for your website or blog

• I can analyze your website and get an accurate picture of what needs to be improved.

Keyword Density Analysis; Quickly create new meta tags for your website;On-page Optimization(See your site how the spider sees it);Find broken links on your site and generate an XML formatted sitemap;Analyze how long your page takes to load ; Check any web page’s header tags;

• I can promote your online website or blog by video submission ,article submission,pdf sharing,link building;

• I can write articles for your website or blog;

• I can teach you about online marketing ,starting from how to choose keywords and a domain name ,setup a new blog or website , writing your first posts,building your list & e-mail marketing, building backlinks,promoting your business ,affiliate marketing ,etc…

• I can provide you lessons about Microsoft Word, Excel ,PowerPoint and about networking (I am an CISCO CCNA engineer)

Thank you for reading my post .I want to express my consideration for your time . I want to give you a Italian family secret perfected over time resulting in a famously tasty dish. But I cannot attach the file here.Please contact me on Fiverr and I will send this there.

Best regards,