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Is something wrong with my account?

For the longest time, no matter how I try to improve my gigs costs and descriptions… It’s like it never gets found. This has been for years now. I don’t know what else to do. And yes, I highly advertise my gigs on other platforms.


Do you have a link to your Fiverr account? I can’t see it.

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Thanks. It was confusing because your forum profile ends in 95061 and your Fiverr profile ends in 9506.
The gigs/profile look okay. Where it says “English - Unspecified” - you could specify whether it’s native/bilingual or something.

You could check if you’re getting impressions on the gigs. If not that might mean they’re not in the search index. You could go to the help desk and by selecting “can’t find my gig in search engine” or something like that (in the “submit a ticket” section - as though you were going to create a ticket - but you don’t actually need to create one) it will tell if the gig is in the search index. You could do the same for both gigs.

Also try sending offers to buyer requests. If still no orders you could try creating additional gigs. Also you could try using a different gig image for the proofreading one (the current one has a stock image site watermark/logo on).


Thank you so much for your kindness! I will implement these right away!