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Is something wrong with my fiverr gig?


I am working on fiverr from 4 years and completed 581 orders didn’t have any problem. Didn’t received a single Warning. Didn’t deliver late a single order or any kind of these issues. I received level two seller badge in my first year didn’t lost it since then. Didn’t cancelled any order from previous year. I was getting 25 to 30 orders in a month on average sometimes even more but from last three months i have received very low orders previous month three and this month only one order. I don’t know what happens but i suddenly stopped receiving order not receiving any new messages either. I edited my gig title and picture my gig was not appearing in search results i contacted customer support and they fixed it but still nothing so i changed the title again thought maybe the title is the problem but nothing. After that again i contacted customer support and asked them if something is wrong with my account they checked and said everything is fine with my account but i am still curious about it. Since i changed my gig title and pictures i stopped receiving order. I logged out from my account and performed various searches with my gig title keywords my gig appeared in all search results. Also there are no states Impressions, Views and Clicks so i can know how my gig is performing. At this point i don’t know what is going on with me. Recently i also switched from my old copper adsl internet to more fast 4G wireless internet so i thought maybe this is the problem? . Sellers in similar category are receiving orders i checked but don’t know what’s wrong with my account or gig. At this point i was thinking about switching back to my old gig title and image but old title was not seo oriented i don’t know what to do know. Can anyone please check my account and gigs and tell me whats is wrong or what should i do. :frowning:


Hi,don’t worry. A lot of people have a similar problem, this has been happening since Fiverr started arranging analytics and showing Impressions, Views and Clicks,there is a problem, people no longer receive orders and messages,I am one of these sellers,we hope that Fiverr soon solve this problem, we must be patient