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Is something wrong with my gig? I can't seem to sell at all


My gig has been around for around a week now, and I’ve followed pretty much every instruction on the forum to try and improve it. In the first few days, I got a decent amount of views. But for the past two or three days, that’s been declining as well. If anyone could review my gig, and give me some advice that would be amazing! Thank you!

Also, I’m fully aware that my prices are a bit low, that’s just because I don’t treat this as a full time job and don’t want to ask for too much money.


Do you possibly want to attach a link to your gig?


"Let the Experience speak for itself, Give it a try. You won’t regret it! "

Huh??? Seriously???

You did not tell me why I should buy from you and why you’re different from your competitors on fiverr…


You mean right here? I’m don’t think that’s allowed, anyway, you can check it out from my profile. I have only one :slight_smile:


Hey, you’re right! I’ll get that fixed thanks!


You are most welcome


The very first things I noted on your gig is that your gig title is different from your gig URL.

For a good gig it is very necessary that you have the same words (Keywords) in your title and URL.

URL: make-you-or-your-enterprise-a-super-snazzy-logo
Title: I Will Design An Amazing Mascot Emblem, Vector Or Logo

Second It seems that you have registered on Fiverr in Feb 2019. So, it has been experienced that it takes some timeto receive an order. Probably you are expecting too earlier :stuck_out_tongue:

It is therefore observed by seeing the first error (stated above) in your gig, that you have not applied all the guidelines mentioned on this forum for selling a gig successfully. You are humbly requested to read some more guidelines/articles on how to create a gig (seo optimized) that sell better.


I will, thanks!
Although, do you have any idea how to change the url of a gig?


You can not change the URL of a gig once published. However, you can delete the gig and create a new gig with URL you want.


Hmm that makes sense, I’ll look into it. Thanks


I’ve gone and made a new gig, so now it has the same url. Thanks for the help!


Good. nice job. :+1: